Why Is Casetify So Expensive? The Influencers Are Obsessed! 

Last Updated on July 21, 2022

You might wonder why a simple Casetify case would cost a fortune. Casetify cases stand out from the crowd for the innovative designs and the usage of plant-based recycled materials.  But there are some other solid reasons to explain the pricing. 

So, what makes Casetify so expensive?

Here are a few reasons behind the cost:

  • First, the brand value and quality speak loud
  • Secondly, they provide amazing customizable options and a wide range of variety
  • The cases are super trendy as celebrities like the Kardashians are obsessed with these customizable cases
  • Also, the durability and protectiveness of Casetify cases are extremely high than regular cases

I have found a lot of interesting things to share. If you want to know why everyone is so obsessed with Casetify and why is Casetify so expensive, let’s find out!

What Is Casetify? 

Casetify is one of the most popular tech accessory brands currently that sells iPhone and Android cases and other accessories. You can customize your choices and make cases as you like. 

They provide robust, military-grade protection, an extraordinary feature in their cases. Also, they are known for introducing eco-friendly accessories that work better in the long run. Their innovative ideas are what make them stand out from the crowd.

Why Is Casetify So Expensive?

After a couple of days of researching and trying to find out the reason behind the price range of Casetify, I found some convincing details. And trust me on this, it explains why the cases are so expensive. 

The Design Speaks For The Cost 

First, Casetify is not something ordinary. They are ranked top three for their innovative case designs internationally, creating a significant brand value. Alongside their designs, you get to customize your design and color options.

They offer you the offer to choose every customization you want, starting from design to case strength type. A Casetify case is everything but boring. They offer a thousand choices from vintage to florals- that explains their wide range of choices and, therefore, the upper hand in cost.

Trendy Approach 

Another big reason is that celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kendal Jenner, Dua Lipa, and Shay Mitchell use the cases. That adds up to the trend value of these custom phone cases.

Extreme Protectiveness 

If you look outside the box of looks, these are also the best buy if you want great protectiveness. My iPhone 12 pro max fell from legit 5 feet, and nothing happened to it. Thanks to the strength of its Casetify phone case.

If you are clumsy like me, the raised ridges of the Casetify cell phone case will be alluring to you. The mechanism helps you get a better grip on the phone, so you can go without worrying about dropping your phone. And even if you still drop the phone, the ridges will be there to protect your Apple iPhone or Android from smashing. 

The Casetify Impact Cases are military-grade protective cases. They come with two layers of qitech material. So the Casetify impact cases can protect your phone from even 6.6 feet of height drops

Sleek And Comfortable 

The smartphone cases are protective yet so thin. That also increases the value as you won’t obviously like anything too bulky for your small phone like the iPhone XR. 


Believe it or not, I have been using a Casetify iPhone case for over three years, and still, it looks newly bought. These cases are well-known for their durability, so if you are one of the people who don’t bother about changing cases that often, the cost will be worth the shot. 

Their Ultra Impact and MagSafe Compatible Case are both impressive deal breakers for durability. 

Upsides Of Casetify

  • Excellent and wide range of customizable options
  • Plenty of fantastic styles, patterns, colors, and designs to pick from 
  • Extended protection for any phone
  • Variety of available tech accessories
  • Worldwide free shipping for orders over $35
  • Thousands of trendy and aesthetic case options 
  • High durability than usual cell phone case
  • Helpful customer service
  • Slim and fantastic build quality 
  • Uses 50% recycled materials

Drawbacks Of Casetify 

  • High price than average custom phone cases
  • Sometimes the case may feel bulky for your cell phone
  • A clear case may show a side yellowing issue 
  • Also, the clear case comes with bottom exposure; some people dislike it
  • Limited selection for some iPhone case models

What Does Casetify Offer That Others Don’t? 

First of all, the comprehensive customizing options. You can customize anything you want according to your choice using Casetify, and the quality will always be top-notch. 

A Casetify review stated that she was looking for something that goes with the social media trend, and Casetify was the only place that served her what she needed

That review reminded me of when I wanted something super personalized and good-quality to add to my Taylor Swift fandom, and Casetify was the only place I could consider. 

Also, the price range depends on your choices. So you can go for MagSafe compatibility or primary cases, and the cost will differ. People who love lightweight cases can go for an Impact Case, and the Ultra Impact Case is somewhat in the midweight. 

They also let you pick text color, font, design, style, and everything you can think of in terms of customization. You will get to pick among 17 text colors; you can even make a multicolored case. 

Not only that, but their case options are also wide-randed. You can get ten different cases like Impact, Ultra Impact, Glitter, and many others.

Some Of The Best-Selling Casetify Collections Are:

  • Leather Charm Strap Collection
  • Casetify Ultra Impact Cases
  • Ultra Compostable Cases
  • MagSafe Accessories
  • MagSafe Charger
  • iPhone Customization Cases
  • MagSafe Cases

Overview Of The Casetify Collections

You are missing out on something big if you don’t know about some of the best-selling Casetify case options! So I have gathered the most popular collections here to give you a small idea. 

Android Cases

They have a wide variety of cases for Android users. You will find many options for Samsung and other Android models. 

Usually, the Android cases start from $67. You can also go for a customized Casetify case for your Android. As a result, you can get any Casetify impact case prints and clear cases. 

Like the iPhone, they provide similar drop protection for Android cases too. You can get the cases made out of recycled plastic, and they will provide similar protection to your phone. 

Leather Case With A Strap

These cases come in 5 colors, but the available options are minimal. You can customize the strap in different colors or texts (within five characters). They also offer to add your favorite charms to the phone. 

These covers cost around $170. But the price may differ depending on the quality you choose. Another good thing is that these cases offer wireless charging compatibility. 

Ultra Compostable Cases

These are made with recyclable plant-based materials. You can buy these cases for around $55. Again, the price will vary if you decide on adding some customization. But the Ultra Compostable cases are available for your iPhone case only. 

The collection stores design options like florals, animal prints, minimalist, nature, retro, quotes, and several others. As for my iPhone 13 case, I used the Skeleton Yoga case. The case was beautiful with outstanding protection. Just the right thing that I wanted for iPhone 13 pro max.

It doesn’t hurt to know more, right? 

Do Casetify Cases Shield Your Phone?

Yes, they offer super drop protection for your phone. They use shock-proof materials for the extra protection that you need for your phone. Some cases also offer drop protection from 6.6 feet. 

How To Return Casetify Cases?

If you don’t like the case, you can return it. Their customer service offers a ten days return period once you receive the phone. But to do so, you have to mail them asking for a return after explaining your issue. You will get in-store credit for the returned product. 

How To Remove Casetify Cases?

The cases are super flexible and bendable. So you will find the cases easy to take off. You won’t have to put extra force while removing the cases.

What Are The Pillars Of Casetify?

They depend more on the artistic value of their products. So the core pillars of this company are customization, authenticity, and creativity. 

The World Of Customization Calls From Casetify 

Casetify cases can be expensive, but they are worth the shot. So, before you complain about why Casetify is so expensive, the clear idea about their products deserves your attention. 

Overall, if you are into unique and artistic products, Casetify is the right place for you to thrive. They can be expensive, but they are always on trend, and the quality makes up for everything.