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Getting confused between the RAM and VRAM is very common, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about it! Since more and more people are concerned about this, I have decided to write a whole article on the topic.

The most general thing is that the RAM is the traditional temporary memory storage for any computer, and the VRAM can be found mostly in expert gamer’s computers.

So, VRAM vs RAM: what are the differences? Basically, RAM is the memory storage that your computer needs to operate the programs and operating system efficiently. On the other hand, VRAM is a type of RAM that is designed to be dedicated to the graphics data.

In this article, I am going to give you details about what a RAM or VRAM actually is and what makes these two different from each other.

What Is RAM?

RAM, short for Random Access Memory, is an essential accessory of the Central Processing Unit found inside your computer. This is mainly primary storage where your computer saves and stores programs and other relevant information that are being executed by it.

You can also call it a temporary store for operational data of your PC and holds exchanged data from external memory. Now, your RAM size and efficiency can have a great impact on your computer’s entire performance.

Hence, the more RAM you have, the more data your computer can hold. Subsequently, your PC will get faster.

So, if I try to say it briefly, the CPU sends the data that requires to be operated into the RAM for operating and then sends the results back into the hard drive after the operation is completed.

What Is VRAM?

You must have guessed by the name that VRAM is basically a type of RAM, which is short for “Video RAM.” It’s mainly used to store graphics data. You know how the animations and graphics have increased nowadays, whether that’s a video game or a movie.

It’s all because of the VRAM. A VRAM helps your computer to work with complex and difficult graphics quite easily and efficiently. These VRAMs are also important if you are working for graphics related areas like an architect or augmented reality. Working with 2D and 3D is not very difficult with this amazing VRAM technology.

Now, VRAM comes in a variety of types, and you need to have a good idea about them to differentiate properly.

Multibank Dynamic RAM (MDRAM): This is a really high-performance VRAM that separates the memory into several 32-kilobyte banks that you can access individually. It enables your PC to access the data concurrently to improves the overall performance.

Rambus Dynamic RAM (RDRAM): This type of VRAM consists of a proprietary bus to speed up the information and data flow from the VRAM to the frame budder and vice versa.

Synchronous Graphics RAM (SGRAM): This one is not only a modern standard for VRAM but also a clock synchronized DRAM. Though this a single-ported memory, it prefers to act like a dual-ported memory through opening two memory pages simultaneously. You can find this in the modern graphics cards, to names GDDR5.

Window RAM (WRAM): This one is a dual-ported high-performance VRAM that works with 25% more bandwidth than the regular VRAM. However, it’s less costly than the other VRAM available.

VRAM Vs RAM: Learn the differences

The RAM is a very general term of the PC memory that includes VRAM in it. RAM is what you need to load your operating system or run various types of programs. Basically, every instant action you have to operate on your desktop is stored in the RAM first.

A VRAM is nothing different, except for it’s totally dedicated to graphic data storing. The more VRAM you have, the more high-quality graphics you will have. Also, a good number of VRAM will improve things like physics emulation, frame-rate, texture qualities, and rendering. Your GPU’s efficiency increases at a great point.

So, in brief, while RAM leads everything from the operating system to the program running, VRAM is responsible for making the graphics on your PC more high quality and effective.

How Much RAM Do I Need?

The difference between RAM and VRAM can vary highly on the amount we need to have a great performance on our PC. When it comes to RAM, the minimum amount should be at least 8 GB, which is really necessary to run all the regular programs and tasks without getting interrupted or the quality getting compromised.

Now, if you need heavy and high resource-intensive programs quite frequently, you might want to switch to 16 GB. This will also allow you to handle high graphics games.

However, a lot of professionals suggest that putting money into RAM might not be a very good idea. Instead, you should try increasing the graphics card to get better performance since highly professionals who work with 3D modeling or video editing needs a RAM of at least 32 GB.

And How Much VRAM Do I Need?

If you are a professional level gamer, you are bound to have a high-quality graphics card with a good amount of VRAM. If your games display only 720p resolution, 2 GB VRAM will be more than enough. Let me give you a nice chart for this:

Resolution VRAM
720p 2 GB
1080p 4 GB
1440p 6 GB
2160p 8GB

So, choosing anything from 4 GB to 8 GB will give you a super relaxed time with the games. However, you should know that most games tend to have an upgraded version each year, and the graphics requirements just get higher every year. So, you might want to take 12 GB at once to be tension free for the next decade!


So, there goes basically everything you needed to know about the VRAM vs RAM. Though these two do different kinds of things, they are still of the same category, and the VRAM is a kind of RAM.

Now, no matter whatever amount of RAM or VRAM you choose, you can always add extra to it. SO, it’s better if you purchase a big amount beforehand so that you won’t have to add every time the technology upgrades.

I hope this article could cover everything you needed to know and gave you a clear idea about the differences between RAM and VRAM.

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