What To Do When Uber Cash Not Working 

Uber cash is a comparatively new idea for consumers. Uber is still working on it. But in the meantime, many customers are facing problems with this feature. 

If you are living in the US, you are getting all the benefits Uber cash offers. People outside the US generally have problems with Uber cash.

However, USA people can still have the problem. After all, the feature is still developing, and it is related to technology.

So, if you are facing the ‘Uber cash not working’ issue, you are in the right place. Our article will help you understand why you are having this issue and the solution for it.

Uber Cash Not Working; Possible Reasons & Solutions 

The complaints we generally get regarding Uber cash collapsing include,

  • Suddenly my Uber cash stopped working
  • The payment option is not responding 
  • Uber cash option disappeared 
  • The app is still using my credit card/debit card

Keep Your Apps Updated


All these issues can happen due to lackings of proper knowledge, backdated apps, location changes, wrong settings & shortage of account balance.  

What is the solution, then?

When you can track the problem, the solutions get easy to perform. Solutions regarding Uber cash not working include learning about the feature, checking the location, using proper settings, and maintaining the Uber cash balance. 

No worries. We are breaking down the solutions for you. 


This is the first attempt you can take. I personally faced an Uber cash feature freeze many times. Each time restarting the app solved the problem for me. 

When your Uber cash stops working, restart the app. You can close the app and open it again. Close the unnecessarily opened tabs as well. 

Also, you can reset or reboot your phone. This helps to program the apps better. 

Keep Your Apps Updated 

Keep Your Apps Updated 

Backdated apps can cause trouble for you. Whether it is your Uber apps or the system apps, you should keep them updated. Let’s see how you can update your Uber app on your iPhone. 

  • Find and enter the App Store app on your phone. 
  • At the bottom, you will find Update options. Click it. 
  • Here you will find a list of all the apps waiting to be updated. 
  • Scroll and find the Uber app from the list. 
  • Press the Update button beside the app icon. 

You have to follow the same process in the case of Uber Eats too. 

Set the notification option on due to any app update. It will remind you to update the system when available. 


Check Your Location 

Uber cash, even your credit card, and debit card may have some policy regarding location. Some country still out of Uber cash service or Uber cash credit. 

So, it’s better you check if the country or area you are visiting has Uber services, including Uber cash.


Know How To Prepare The Setting 

A few days ago, one of my friends forgot to set the payment method in Uber cash before his Uber Eats order. This also happens if you order from the web, not the app. 

So you need to know how to manually set your payment method in Uber cash. Otherwise, it will be problematic when you are using Uber services from a family or business profile. 

The steps are easy.

  • Before confirming your food delivery or Uber ride, press on the current payment method. 
  • Select Uber cash as your payment method and return to the previous page. 

Prepare The Setting

Uber help also suggests the same process to solve the problem. Uber help is a Uber support service for Uber users. Whether you are an Uber driver or a user, You can share your problem there and get solutions. 

To avoid this hassle in the future, set your default payment method in Uber cash. The video below will show you how you can do it. 

Ensure That You Have Enough Balance 

It is mandatory to have enough Uber money in your wallet. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use Uber cash.

If you do not have enough cash in your Uber account, the rest of the money will be taken from your credit card. Suppose you ordered food worth 10$ from Uber Eats. But you have only 7$ Uber cash. The rest 3$ will be taken off from your bank account. 

So, do not forget to check your Uber balance before ordering food from Uber Eats or confirming a Uber ride from the Uber app.

Ensure That You Have Enough Balance

Know About The Service You Are Using 

As you are here reading an article on how you can solve your Uber cash problem, you probably know what Uber cash is. Again, we recommend learning about the feature in-depth. It will help to solve the problems more effectively. 

Uber cash is a digital currency that allows you to buy any Uber service. For example, you can buy food from Uber Eats & pay Uber Eats pass using Uber cash. Also, you can pay for your Uber ride with this Uber credit. 

It is like Apple pay or Google pay, except you can only take Uber services by it. You can get Uber cash through an Uber gift card or an Uber reward. Different bank accounts also offer Uber credit upon use. 

However, you can redeem your Uber cash using Uber instant pay. Let’s watch some videos on what Uber cash is and how to use Uber cash. 

Earn Uber Cash; Ultimate Rewards 

You can earn Uber money through gift cards, promo code, and Uber rewards. Many banks offer a Uber gift card to their card members. Let us show you how you can get easy Uber money through your credit or debit card. 

American Express offers the best credit card for earning easy Uber money. You will be able to earn 15$ Uber credit each month with a bonus in December by using their platinum card. 

Follow the website and the policy of American Express to know more. 

Earn Uber Cash

People Often Ask 

Can Uber Cash Be Applied Automatically? 

If you set your Uber payment method in Uber cash by default, it will perform automatically. You have to manually set this setting while using a business profile.

Why Does My Uber Cash Payment Disappear While Traveling? 

It happens because Uber cash is not available in every country or area. You need to check if the area has Uber cash service or not before traveling. 

What Happens If My Uber Cash Runs Short?

If your Uber cash does not have enough money to pay for your Uber ride or Uber Eats, it will automatically go to your primary payment method like a credit card. 

What Do I Need To Have An Uber Visa Local Offer?

You need two things. You can explore the visa local offers if you have the latest version of the Uber app and a permitted US-issued Visa card on your account. 

Does An American Express Gold Card Offer Uber Cash? 

Yes, it does. If you add your American Express gold card to your Uber account as a payment method, you can enjoy up to $120 in Uber cash annually. 


Get Your Uber Cash Working Now 

Uber cash is an excellent option for instant pay digitally. You can have Uber cash without any effort by using your credit card, promo code, and gift card. 

Though it provides a great service, it can collapse too. Due to backdated app, poor balance, location change, wrong setting, and wrong use of Uber cash may stop working or responding.

Using the latest version of all your Uber apps, correct setting, and proper knowledge about the service can solve your Uber cash not working problem. We hope our article will be a big help in this case. 

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