OnlyFans Verification Not Working: How To Solve It Fast? 

Last Updated on July 19, 2022

Go uncensored should be the theme of the OnlyFans content creator site. Why not? You can fiercely share anything that’s on your mind without the fear of getting unnecessary censoring issues. But nothing is problem-free; sometimes, even OnlyFans verification can cause an issue. 

My OnlyFans verification failed to work lately, although I followed the exact steps of verification. However, after talking to their customer support and a few experts, I found some helpful explanations.

Here are a few of them that works to get away with the issue: 

  • Use accurate information 
  • Do not mislead people 
  • Keep the ID and picture clear 
  • Use the proper format of documents 
  • Do not misspell your name or residence 

Although the verification issue does not appear that much, you must be prepared to deal with it gracefully if it arises. As I have already dealt with OnlyFans verification not working, I will share some doorways to avoid it today. 

OnlyFans Verification Not Working? Proven Strategies That Work! 

As I said, I dealt with the same problem a few days ago. Till now, I have helped many of my friends create an account and get instant verification on the site. But when the verification issue occurred to me out of the blue, it was a surprise! 

Now, if you don’t already know what OnlyFans is, here is a quick brief on it. 

What Is OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans is a social platform like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube where content creators can share their creative projects and earn money by monetizing the content. Now, a question may appear: why do people use this platform instead of the already popular ones? 

The thing is, unlike YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, OnlyFans does not censor all types of sensitive or explicit content. There are, obviously, a few terms. But those terms are not as strict as other social media platforms. 

As long as you don’t violate the terms of harming other people and promoting alcohol or drugs, you can share your creativity boundlessly to earn some extra money. 

What Is OnlyFans Verification? 

OnlyFans require the creator to verify their ID to make sure that the creator is above 18 and they are not using any stolen content. Identity verification is a must to create an account. It requires a few steps, and if you do that correctly, your account will be verified within 72 hours. 

Unless you verify your account, you won’t be able to upload your content or earn money from the content. Also, you won’t be able to set up the subscription cost, or even if you receive the money, you won’t be able to withdraw it. 

Unmistakable Ways To Verify Your OnlyFans Account

If you follow the proper procedures, you won’t have any issues while verifying the account. However, some issues may sometimes appear even after following the procedures, which can be unfortunate. First, let’s see how you can verify the account without any issue:

Step-1: Email Verification 

Once you sign up for your OnlyFans account as a creator, the next step is to do the email verification. This is the first step to undergoing the verification process.

The procedure is straightforward, just like any email verification. You have to give your email, and they will send a verification link. Click the link to complete your verification process, and it will be done. 

Step-2: Profile Completion 

Now you must complete the OnlyFans profile with the necessary information like your name, address, and whatever else they ask from you. Once you are done, you can move to the main verification process.

Step-3: ID Verification

They have the ID verification process mainly to prevent underage users from entering. The first step of an ID verification requires you to use the camera. 

However, if you use a PC, they will send a link via SMS, or you can also use the QR code to verify your account. 

Before continuing the verification process, you must check the terms and conditions. And they will take you to the Ondato verification page for verification.

You can use your passport, identity card, or driving license for verification. However, the ID needs to be accurate and government-issued. 

Whichever ID you pick, you must take a picture of the ID (both front and back). Once you have taken the picture, you must take a selfie of your face to prove that the ID belongs to you. 

Your Initial Task Is Done! 

Now all you have to do is wait for their feedback on your account. It took me 72 hours to hear back from them. You can expect the process to complete within 1-3 days

They will let you know even if your account has not been approved. Their feedback email contains the mismatches if they found any so that you can fix those to try verifying the account again.

Step-4: Bank Verification

If you have heard back from them, congratulations! You are officially an OnlyFans content creator. But you need to add your bank information to withdraw your fund. Here are the required pieces of personal information that you will need to fill up:

  • Your legal name 
  • Present address 
  • Current city and ZIP code
  • Date of birth 
  • Payout method 

Once you have finished filling in the pieces of information, your account is finally ready to use as a verified one. However, sometimes a simple mismatch can lead them not to verify your account. Being cautious about a few things can avoid that issue.

Things You Must Keep In Mind For A Flawless Verification:

Make Sure The Precise Imaging.

While uploading your ID and doing the face verification, ensure that the pictures are detailed and precise. Blurry, unrecognizable pictures of your ID or your face may lead to a declination.

Fill Out The Pieces Of Information Carefully. 

While filling up your personal and bank information, ensure that you make no mistakes. Also, be extra careful so that every piece of information matches your ID. When choosing the country of your residence, choose wisely because this information is not changeable. 

Do Not Upload Adult Content In The Banner Image. 

 Your display profile must not show any nudity or explicit content. Also, the banner image needs to be appropriate without sexual exploitation.

Upload Documents In An Appropriate Size.

Do not upload the documents in an edited or cropped version. The documents are required to be clear and in .jpg or .png format. The size of the documents needs to be under 7MB.

Use An Updated ID.

One of the main reasons why people do not get verified is because they use expired IDs. Know that they go through every piece of information you put on your website. OnlyFans terms do not accept expired documents.

Use The Exact Name As Given In The ID.

The “Verification name did not match the legal name” issue can appear if you somehow mistake using the correct name while filling in the information. So you must be extra careful while filling out your name as it needs to match your ID for the trouble-free verification. 

Add An Additional Social Media Account. 

Sometimes, they might ask for another social media account linkage to confirm your identity. In that case, adding your Twitter account will help verify the OnlyFans account. You can remove the account anytime you want once your account is successfully verified. 

Avoid Promoting Any Services Outside Of The Site. 

Sometimes using words like “meet” or “follow” may seem suspicious to them as it looks like drawing people out of the site. So avoid using such words in your display profile. 

Some Alternatives Of OnlyFans (Go Wild!)

Undoubtedly, earning money through OnlyFans is an excellent idea. They support the creators in many ways, and the restrictions are not as strict as other platforms. Other similar platforms might be helpful if you are having trouble getting verified.


Fancentro is getting wide popularity among serious content creators. They offer to earn money through referrals alongside giving you revenue for your content. The verification process is simple as well.

Is MyGirl 

This platform is basically for models. Models can connect to their fans and share their content with them. The best thing is that this site offers ten different revenue systems, making money-making as easy as a piece of cake.


Fanvue is another site that accepts every kind of content and lets you earn money for your content. They offer various options to creators, whether you are a mainstream content creator or an adult creator. 


AVNStars is a fantastic alternative to stick to when you want something different. They offer various opportunities for content creators to accept sexually explicit content. 

One best thing about this site is that you will get 5% of their earnings if you refer someone. The monetization also pays a lot to the creators. 

Explore More About OnlyFans:

Does OnlyFans Take Stolen Content?

No, it doesn’t. They deal with the verification procedure strictly to avoid such circumstances. You can take action if someone has pirated or stolen your content. 

What Is The Average OnlyFans Income?

A beginner or average OnlyFans creator can make about $180/month. It is pretty easy to get a breakthrough from the OnlyFans. Creators just love the platform due to the revenue count. 

Can You Be Anonymous On OnlyFans?

If you use the account only to subscribe, you can be anonymous using a page without any accurate information. However, you cannot be anonymous if you are a content creator.

How Do You Grow On OnlyFans?

Some of the best ways to grow on OnlyFans is to share your content on other social media platforms and create a link between those. You can promote items and advertise to grow your account. 

How To Make The Most Out Of OnlyFans?

Now that you have untangled the OnlyFans verification not working trouble, it’s time to make the best use of the platform. Being a content creator, I have some proven strategies that will help you thrive within the least time! Check those out:

Fix The Perfect Subscription Price 

The usual price for beginners is between $9.99 to $15.99. Proper pricing can lure the audience. Ensure you are not setting up the bar too high for the potential audience. 

Connect Other Social Media Accounts

This method has helped me a lot while I was a beginner. I linked all my social media accounts with the OnlyFans account to increase the traffic. Ensure that your social media contains relevant media that matches your OnlyFans content niche. 

Communicate With The Fans

Keeping in touch with the fans is an advantageous technique to make a presence in OnlyFans. So make schedules for fans to make them feel like they belong. You can also create a posting schedule.

Make A Combination Of Paid And Free Content

Initially, you can make a few of your content free, so the audience gets to know you better. But do not make everything accessible; keep some of the content behind the paywall to keep the value.