How To Fix My Minecraft Beacon Not Working?

Beacon is a perfect example of how even a simple mistake can disable the whole system. Unfortunately, when you ask yourself, “How to fix my Minecraft beacon not working?” 

When facing the problem, you must ensure your beacon has been placed correctly and powered up. You have to be meticulous in crafting a beacon and activate it properly if you want the beacon effect to work. The Minecraft guide will help anyone make a beacon light up. 

We put together this guide on why your Minecraft beacon isn’t working, plus how to fix it so you can get back to mining coal and building houses without hiccups.


  • To make the beacons work, you must first craft the beacon and build the pyramid properly. 
  • Make sure to place the pyramid in an unobstructed view of the sky and place the beacon properly on it.
  • There are many benefits of the beacon in the 4 levels once you are within its range. 

How To Fix The Minecraft Beacon Not Working?

Minecraft is a realistic block game that sometimes has complicated combinations that people often get confused about. The first step is knowing how to make and use a beacon properly. When you become sure you have done everything right, you will finally find your mistake and be rewarded with a beautiful beam of light!


Why Is Your Beacon Not Working In Minecraft?

There are three main reasons for not getting the beacon beam, leaving them disappointed. Therefore, when constructing the pyramid, keep these two things in mind all of the time.

Placement of the Pyramid

This was touched upon briefly; however, you must ensure that the pyramid is in a place where zero things are blocking its view of the sky.

Never place it indoors, and always make sure to check if something is blocking the place where your pyramid is. If you place it indoors, place a leaf block so the beacon beam can shine through the roof.

Building the Pyramid

While building the pyramid, many people forget to place some blocks! Therefore, the pyramid is incomplete; if it is incomplete, the beacon will not work, no matter what you do.

The pyramid should have no gaps, whether a diamond block, an iron block, or an emerald block. So look at all sides of the pyramid and compare it with the complete one to ensure it is perfect.

Placing the Beacon

The last and final step is placing the beacon, which is also where many people mess up. Along with placing it on top of the pyramid, make sure it is where it should be.


How to Craft the Beacon Blocks?

These two easy steps will help you craft the beacon boxes, which is the first step in getting a successful beacon effect.

Step 1

You should collect the necessary ingredients required to make a beacon. The first and easiest is glass blocks made by smelting Sand or Red Sand with any fuel.

Then you have to make the obsidian block formed when water meets lava. The process can happen naturally or artificially.

Finally, you need the nether star, which is the hardest to obtain. For this, you have to kill the Wither. To kill it, you must first spawn the Wither by placing soul sand or soul soil in a T-pattern. With three wither skeletal skulls on top. Now you can kill the spawned Wither by trapping it.

Step 2

The crafting recipe for the beacon is quite simple. You need 5 glass blocks, 3 obsidian blocks, and one nether star.

Place 3 glass blocks on the crafting recipe box, with 2 glass blocks on either side. Then place 3 obsidian blocks at the bottom of the box. The one nether star should be in the middle. Now you are ready to mine the beacon.


How to Craft the Pyramid

Once you are done with the beacon, it is time to craft the beacon pyramid, which needs to be placed in an unobstructed view of the sky. It is a complex process, so be careful with each step.

There are 4 levels of the pyramid that can be achieved. They all need a lot of materials to make, but the higher the pyramid levels, the more powers are available to increase the beacon’s range. Once done, you simply place the beacon on the pyramid to get the beacon beam.

Level 1

The level 1 pyramid is the simplest with minor powers. It has only 9 mineral blocks, and the layer’s dimension is 3×3 with the beacon block on top. For this, you will need 81 materials.

Level 2

The level two pyramid has two layers, so it needs 34 blocks. The first layer will have 5×5 blocks, and the second one will have 3×3 blocks. The materials needed to achieve this go up to 306.

Level 3

Level 3 is an excellent middle pyramid level with good powers and is easier than level 4. There are three layers in it; the first one is 7×7 which is the pyramid base, then 5×5, and lastly, 3×3. You will need 747 materials to achieve 83 mineral blocks.

Level 4

This is the level with the highest powers. It is the 4-layer pyramid and needs a whooping 164 mineral blocks. The first layer is 9×9, then 7×7, 5×5, and 3×3. The materials go up to 1476.   

The pyramids can be made up of many different materials, which do not affect how they work. You can feed it blocks of iron ingot, emerald ingot, gold ingot, diamond ingot, and netherite ingot. To place multiple beacons, you need to make some changes to the pyramid, or else the chances of none of them working increases. So, a single beacon is recommended until you know how to use it.


What Can You Do With Beacons in Minecraft?

You do know about the beacon power, but what is the benefit of having this beacon in your game? Well, here are all the benefits listed down of this beam.


Since it is a beam of light, it makes a significant landmark. Depending on the beam’s range, you can return home whenever you are. The range of beacon light in level 1 is 20 blocks, level 2 is 30 blocks, level 3 is 40 blocks, and level 4 is 50 blocks. 

Level 1 Powers

It gives you haste and speed. Haste allows you to increase attack speed by 10% and mining speed by 20% per level. Speed means walking speed which increases by 20% per level.

Level 2 Powers

Once you reach level 2, you can get resistance and a jump boost. Resistance decreases the incoming attack damage by 2%, and the jump boost increases jump height and distance by 50% while decreasing the fall damage by 1%.

Level 3 Powers

At level 3 you can get a strength boost which increases the melee change by 3 per level.

Level 4 Powers

At level 4 you can get secondary powers such as regenerate, which regenerates your health. You can also increase all primary powers to level 2, which increases their strength.


How To Change the Color of the Beacon?

Yes, you can also change the beacon’s color to customize it. You have to use strained glass and panes to get this effect. However, don’t use any solid block, as it will just block the beacon’s view of the sky. The primary colors used are green, red, and blue, which together can be used to make different hues and colors.

Some More Related Questions

How Do I Fix My Beacon in Minecraft?

Check for a connection between the beacon and Minecraft’s server. To do this, ensure that all other devices with network access aren’t connected to the server at all times while testing; otherwise, they will interfere with its results! Next.

Why Can’t My Beacon See the Sky?

If your beacon is underground or in a cave, it won’t be able to see the sky. You can fix this problem by confirming that your beacon has at least one block of open space above its top. 

Why Does My Beacon Not Work in Minecraft PS4?

If you are encountering this issue, the easiest way is to try restarting your console and reinstalling the console version of Minecraft again. If this doesn’t work, you have to check if your internet connection is working or not.

How do I use my beacon in Minecraft?

To use your beacon, you must activate it. To do so, right-click on the beacon. Once activated, a blue light will appear at the top of your screen, and your beacon will begin to emit a loud noise alerting you that it’s ready to be used.

How do you put a beacon on top of the pyramid?

To put a beacon on top of the pyramid, you’ll need to have a beacon in your inventory. You will also need to have the pyramid in your inventory. Finally, you will need both items at once for this to work.


Finally, What To Do For Not Working Beacon?

Still your Minecraft beacon not working? Well, here are some extra & most potential solutions for you!

  • One possibility is that the power level of the beacon is too low and needs to be increased. 

  • Another reason could be that you are within range of multiple beacons and they are canceling each other out. 

  • Finally, it’s also possible that your game client is not up to date with the latest patch, which may cause issues with the beacon.


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