Minecraft Anvil Too Expensive: How To Solve

Enchanting is a fundamental game technique in Minecraft. While enchanting an item in the game, the player might encounter a “Too expensive” message.

This message does not indicate an error in the game; instead, it is an intended feature. 

Minecraft anvil too expensive appears when the anvil enchantment cost becomes more than 39 XP levels.

If the price of enchantment becomes 40 and above, the message error will pop out to indicate that repair costs are too expensive. 

Enchanting an item on Minecraft costs experiences levels. This cost depends on the level of enchantment.

The too expensive message is quite frustrating to players when encountered. So this article will deal with everything about anvil expensive message error.


Minecraft Anvil Too Expensive; Why Am I Getting This Message?

In Minecraft, an anvil is an interactive block for repairing, renaming items, or mixing enchantments on objects.

The anvil uses experience levels to improve things. If the repair requires more than 39 levels, the anvil will not work and will display an “anvil too expensive” message in red. 

Anvil repairs finish at 39 XP levels. Any higher number and the anvil will refuse to work, preventing players from getting the upgrade they want.

A too expensive error occurs only while enchanting, and the cost of enchanting increases with the quality of enchantment or if the item already has many enchantments done. 

To determine if an enchantment will cost more than 39 XP levels, the player should remember that an item can be used on an anvil only five times.

After the 5th time, the too expensive message will appear, and that item will become useless in a Minecraft survival mode. 


How Do You Get Rid Of Too Expensive Minecraft Anvil?

Without a too expensive anvil error message, players will have the liberty to repair and enchant objects as much as they want.

Unfortunately, you can not get rid of the too expensive Minecraft anvil. It can’t be fixed or made to go away because it’s an intended feature in the game. 

However, there is a way to bypass the too expensive message. This bypass method is a cheat because it is impossible in Minecraft survival mode.

The bypass is particularly useful to unlucky players with costly items and powerful enchantments, yet no mending or alternative means of repair.  

The bypass method is switching to creative mode and over the too expensive error. Follow these steps to switch to creative mode.

  • Click on settings
  • Open LAN and click on cheats to enable it. 
  • Go to chatbox and key in /gamemode creative
  • Click enter to switch back to creative mode.

While in creative mode, the player will not encounter any limitations while using anvils; they can ignore the cost during anvil use.

Creative mode reveals the number of level requirements with an anvil too expensive error message, but the levels will not be deducted from the XP levels. 


How To Avoid The ‘Too Expensive’ Warning In Minecraft

Players must play smart from the beginning to prevent the too expensive sign in Minecraft, as this error is seen mainly by amateurs and beginners.

Since the error occurs when an anvil repairs an item more than five times, players can use these techniques to avoid a too expensive mistake. 

Mending: Mending enchantment will repair the item without taking up XP levels; there is no payment or penalty since there is no use of an anvil.

Mending is the key to avoiding using an anvil for repairs; instead of feeding in iron ingots and diamonds to the anvil, use mending and avoid a too expensive error. 

Highest level enchantment: Do not settle for low-level enchantment early in the game; wait for that item’s highest level of enchantment and use it directly. This efficiency helps avoid a too expensive error in Minecraft. 

Combined enchantment: Another way to save anvil level consumption is by enchanting books in combination instead of one by one.

Books combined and enchanted take one penalty as one item, unlike one-by-one enchantment, which results in a penalty as much as the book number. 

How To Enchant Without The “Anvil Too Expensive Cap”

To enchant without the too expensive cap, the player must note how many enchants are already on the item.

This alertness is to avoid adding penalties to the item. Avoid penalties on an item by using mending instead of an anvil or merging the item with another damaged item in a standard crafting table.

However, the merge will remove all enchants and working on it with another tool will incur another penalty. 

The user can also go into creative mode and work from there without any actual deduction of penalties from the XP levels.

This bypass is a cheat in the game and will not be considered fair playing. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Too Expensive Mean In Minecraft?

Too expensive in Minecraft means that a player cannot conduct a repair on an item using an anvil due to the need for more than 39 XP level penalty deduction. 

How Can I Bypass Too Expensive?

You can bypass a too expensive error by entering the creative mode, inputting the cheat code “gamemode” in the settings, and continuing the game in the creative mode without any penalty deduction. 

What Is The Rarest Enchantment In Minecraft?

Soul speed is the rarest enchantment in Minecraft, and it offers a massive increase in the player’s speed while in soul sand to escape all types of dangers around the biome. 

What Is The Level Cost Of An Anvil In Creative Mode?

There is no level cost on an anvil in creative mode as it is the mode where one can bypass a too expensive error. The cost of 39 levels applies in the survival mode. 

Can You Cap An Anvil At Level 40 In Minecraft?

An anvil caps at level 40; anything greater will not work and display a too expensive error message. To avoid this error, consider using other techniques to conduct a repair on the item. 



As a beginner, it is essential that you know all about Minecraft anvil too expensive due to how annoying encountering it is.

Early application of preventive measures will save a lot of penalties and ensure survival mode success. 

Preventing the too expensive error includes using mending enchantment more often. The player can also enter creative mode to bypass the error.

It is always a challenge to play without encountering this error and can be one of the signs of an expert Minecraft player.   



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