MacBook Silver Vs Space Gray – What Color Is The Best?

Apple laptops have been increasingly popular, and this trend is expected to continue. Apple’s MacBooks are renowned for their portability and lightweight, making them ideal for mobile workers.

Selecting between two products like MacBook Silver Vs Space Gray made by the same company might be one of the most challenging decisions you will ever have to make. Buying a MacBook is a significant investment that requires a lot of thought and research, so let’s get started with the comparisons.

Top Pick For The MacBook Pro

Our Top Pick For The MacBook Pro 2021

Image Product
 MacBook Silver Vs Space Grayir?t=novbaby 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B09JQMW44C 2021 Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) – Silver

Key Features

  • 16-core Neural Engine 5x quicker machine learning
  • Extreme dynamic range and contrast ratio 16-inch Liquid Retina XDR display
  • 32-core GPU for 4x quicker graphics-intensive apps and games
  • Up to 64GB of unified memory for swift, smooth performance
  • Up to 8TB of ultrafast SSD storage quickly launches programs and data
 MacBook Silver Vs Space ir?t=novbaby 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B09JQQM86S 2021 Apple MacBook Pro (14-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) – Space Gray

Key Features

  • Apple M1 Pro or M1 Max for significant CPU and GPU boost
  • Force-canceling woofers in a six-speaker system
  • Up to 3.7x higher performance with 10-core CPU
  • 32-core GPU for up to 13x performance
  • Up to 64GB of unified memory for quick, smooth performance

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The MacBook Pro in 2021

MacBook Silver Vs Space Gray: Which One Is For You?

Decisions have to be taken, even if just two styles are offered. Also, it’s a safe bet that Space Gray will be the hue of choice for most people. It’s a beautiful contrast to the black keyboard, and it simply seems a little more contemporary.

Moreover, it seems likely that Silver will continue to be the primary color of Apple products in the future. Apple is expected to withdraw the Space Gray, but if you want it, you may acquire it now, and it will serve you well.

Silver is an excellent option for those who prefer the classic MacBook look compared to other MacBook colors. However, the mix of Silver and black on the keyboard creates a style that can’t be denied, even if some consider Space Gray outmoded.

While its deeper shade means it will show scuffs more than Silver, this shouldn’t be an issue if you treat it with care. As a result, you won’t be distracted from what you’re doing when using the gadget.

It’s frustrating that Apple only offers two colors for the iPhone X: Space Gray and Silver. These computers are pretty intriguing. Aside from being more capable than ever before, they demonstrate that Apple still understands manufacturing “pro” devices. I’d love to have some exciting colors to go with this, but unfortunately, Space Gray and Silver are the only options available.

In the end, the only difference between the computers is their color, which is a minor detail. Consider the one you like most because you will be using it frequently and want to have fun.

Contusion Concerns

Contusion Concerns

I understand if you are concerned that your MacBook Pro’s silver color will fade over time. Because Apple has been creating and applying anodized aluminum finishes on various products for a long time, they’ve honed the process to a point where it’s nearly flawless.

For most Apple devices, anodized aluminum finishes are used in their construction. They have remained true to color despite being used often throughout the years. For this reason, there is no need for concern about discoloration, fading, or even staining of any kind on your MacBook Pro. It is sure to stand the test of time.

Discrepancies In Low-Light Environments

Avoiding reflections on the screen is crucial while using your MacBook Pro in a dimly lit space. This will help you maintain your concentration on the net.

The good news is that the black bezels surrounding the screen on the Silver vs. Space Grey Macbook Pro 21 models are a welcome change. This eliminates the distraction of a high-contrast bezel, such as on some silver iPads with a white frame. You can instead focus on what’s on your screen. To make matters even more impressive, the bezels practically disappear whether you’re playing a video game or viewing a movie.

MacBook Pro from Apple Store

How Many Scuffs And Scratches Are You Willing To Put Up With?

Your new MacBook Pro from Apple Store will be more vulnerable to damage if you drop it, even if it is well-protected because it will have no case to cushion the blow. Even though Silver and Space Gray are so close to being the same hue, there’s enough of a distinction for you to make an informed choice.

Recycled aluminum covers the 14-inch and second-generation MacBook Pros, which can withstand regular wear and tear. Silver is superior at concealing tiny scratches and scuffs when moved over a table. On the other hand, Space Gray is better at covering black scuffs. This means that if you want to keep your MacBook Pro (2021) looking new, choose Silver above other colors. In the absence of such, go with Space Gray.

Is It Better To Choose A Bright Or Dark Theme?

Is It Necessary to Use Dark Mode? So, is dark mode a good or a negative thing? Should everyone use it, or should no one use it? The dark way is not for everyone, so don’t use it. Even though it’s in, it’s not necessarily more comfortable on the eyes. The light mode may be more comfortable for your eyes and more productive when working in bright situations.

In this case, go for it! If you enjoy the appearance of dark mode and don’t have any problems seeing your screen in bright light, go ahead and use it. Small incremental gains in theoretical productivity aren’t everything.

Or, even better, take into account the context. During the day, utilize light mode and enable dark mode at night. The Task Scheduler in Windows 10 and Night Owl on macOS allows you to turn on the dark theme automatically at night. Apple’s iOS 13 will allow you to activate dark mode automatically as the sunsets.

14 Inches Or 16 Inches

14 Inches Or 16 Inches?

The 16-inch MacBook Pro from Apple Inc. is $500 more expensive than the 14-inch model, so be sure you need the increased display size, battery life, and High-Power Mode capability to justify this. However, if you upgrade the 14-inch model to the same M1 Pro with a 10-core CPU and 16-GPU cores that the 16-inch machine starts with, the price difference reduces to $200.

You should be aware that if you get the 16-inch MacBook Pro, it is significantly larger and heavier than the 14-inch MacBook Pro. The 16-inch model may be marginally faster than the 13-inch MacBook Pro variant, although this has yet to be shown by a series of benchmark testing. Also, the 16-inch model’s speakers are more likely to provide better sound because of their bigger size.

Apple Macbook Pro (2021)

Review Of The Apple Macbook Pro (2021)

More than a retread of the 2016 MacBook Pro, the 2021 model manages to be more than simply a referendum. Despite its boldness, it retains a familiarity that makes it intriguing and convenient. A “pro” laptop should be able to offer the best of both worlds, and this one does just that.


  • Camera: 1080p FaceTime HD camera
  • Connectivity: WIFI 6, Bluetooth 5, 3 x USB 4/ Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.0, SD card, headphones
  • Dimensions: 221.2 x 312.6 x 1.55 mm
  • Operating system: macOS 11 Monterey
  • Processor: Apple M1 Pro or M1 Max
  • RAM: 16, 32 or 64 GB
  • Screen: 14.2 in mini-LED (3024x 1964; 254 ppi) Pro-Motion (120 Hz)
  • Storage: 512 GB, 1, 2, 4 or 8 TB SSD
  • Weight: 1.6 kg

2021 MacBook Pro

Ports And Design

A closer look at the 2021 MacBook Pro shows that it retains many of the features of the current model. It’s still an aluminum unibody with a silver or space gray finish, and the lid still has the Apple logo.

As previously, you’ll obtain the same 3-pound chunk of metal from this design. While the lack of a touchscreen is expected, the fact that macOS Big Sur allows you to download your iPhone and iPad applications is still a let-down.

New rubber feet on the bottom and ultrathin bezels on the top are additional minor design tweaks that have been included. That bezel, of course, comes with a trade-off-though Apple hopes you don’t see it that way.

There are just two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports on the left and a headphone jack on the right, so connectivity options are limited.


The best way to describe the MacBook Pro M1’s performance is that it dissolves the obstacles in your path to getting things done. In a way, it’s as if the laptop doesn’t exist at all.

Our Handbrake video-editing test, which entails converting a 4K movie to 1080p, was a slam dunk with the MacBook Pro M1. The program has been tweaked to work best with Apple Silicon for the sake of this evaluation. The XPS 13 took 18 minutes and 22 seconds to complete the test, while the ZenBook 13 took 17 minutes and 51 seconds. At 9:15 p.m., the Air fell just short of the Pro.

Overall, the MacBook Pro M1 scored 5,945 on Geekbench 5.1’s multi-core section. The Dell XPS 13 and the Asus ZenBook 13 scored 5,084 and 5,319, respectively, with 11th generation Intel Core i7 processors. An Apple MacBook Air M1 with a 5,962 score was also tested.

Well As Graphics

Gameplay As Well As Graphics

The MacBook Pro can run most modern games at high resolutions and frame rates. At 38 fps, the MacBook Pro is more than twice as fast as the ZenBook 13 when playing Civilization VI: Gathering Storm or any graphics-intensive apps.

Rise of the Tomb Raider performed well on the MacBook Pro, delivering a solid 26 frames per second. Getting the frame rate closer to 30 fps might improve the overall experience, but keep in mind that this was with the game set to its highest possible settings. So if you tuned them down, you might have an even smoother performance.


The display technology of the 2021 MacBook Pro is the most important for the range since 2012. There is little doubt the competition has caught up to what was once an industry leader. Color accuracy and saturation, high resolutions, and even OLED panels are not prevalent in Windows laptops. The MacBook Pro was still one of the finest, but notebooks like the Dell XPS 15 with a 4K OLED display were gaining ground in our tests.

However, the MacBook Pro has reclaimed the title, but not in the manner you may anticipate. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. An unusual resolution of 3456 x 2234 appears on the 16.2-inch screen. The pixel density has risen from 220 to 250 pixels per inch. It’s also somewhat taller than the standard 16:10 aspect ratio of 15.4:10. The 14-inch variant has a resolution of 3024 x 1964, translating to a slightly higher pixel density of 254 PPI with a retina display.

Longevity Of The Battery

Longevity Of The Battery

With a battery life of 17 hours of wireless web surfing and up to 20 hours of video playing, Apple claims that the MacBook Pro 13-inch (M1 MacBook Air also, 2020) has the “longest battery life ever in a Mac.” That’s 10 hours more than the previous generation.

We’ve found Apple’s battery promises to be entirely accurate in the past, even though the MacBook Pro 13-inch is designed to be used for more demanding activities.

It lasted 13 hours and 22 minutes in our battery life test. We play a looping 1080p film at 50% brightness on the screen until the power runs out. In terms of battery life, it’s not as impressive as what Apple said, but it’s still a boost over the previous 2020 Intel model’s 8 hours and 31 minutes in the same test.

Touch Bar, Touchpad, And Keyboard

Touch Bar, Touchpad, And Keyboard

I’m envious of the Backlit Magic Keyboard on the new MacBook Pro M1 because I’m still using a Butterfly keyboard. On the typing test, I typed at a speed of 60 wpm, which is within my normal range. However, I made far fewer mistakes than expected. In addition, the Magic Keyboard’s layout is far more comfortable to type on than the earlier Butterfly layout.

The MacBook Pro M1’s touchpad is equally as large and snappy as before. For example, I had no difficulty scrolling or pinching to zoom. It’s a breeze to see all my open applications when I swipe up with three fingers. The MacBook Pro’s Touch ID is still a turnoff for me. Even though it provides handy shortcuts for some apps, I find it a nuisance.



This time around, Apple has improved the camera and speakers. In addition, this is the first MacBook Pro featuring a 1080p FaceTime webcam, which is an exciting new feature. With a 720p camera, Apple couldn’t have launched another MacBook Pro. Your laptop-based video conversations will be much more transparent and smoother due to this critical enhancement.

Many more laptops with 1080p cameras are also available. One is included in the Surface Laptop Studio, and HP’s Elite Dragonfly notebooks include 5-megapixel cameras. Until recently, laptop makers had no idea how crucial webcams were, but they’re slowly catching on.



Despite being new, the dual speakers on the MacBook Pro M1 nevertheless deliver a powerful kick and a broad soundstage. The guitar and claps came through at the beginning of The Man’s Feel It Still without obscuring the vocals.

I listened to A-“Love Me Like You Do” on acoustic guitar. The singer’s voice had a haunting flutter as it rose in the Air. You won’t believe your ears if you’ve never heard these speakers before.

Configurations And Prices

Despite its many quality-of-life enhancements, the MacBook Pro isn’t for everyone. Especially with the 14-inch MacBook Pro beginning at $1,999, this is truer than ever before. That pricing makes the $1,399 MacBook Pro 13-inch (M1) appear like a time warp.

13-inch MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar and poor port choices render it outdated compared to the 14-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. However, for students and anyone who don’t spend much of their time in a demanding program, the MacBook Air remains an excellent alternative.”

At least $2,499 is required to upgrade to the 16-inch model that I tested. This particular model cost $3,899. It included the M1 Pro, 32 GB of RAM, and 2 TB of solid-state storage.

Review Of The Apple Macbook Pro

Reasons To Buy And Avoid MacBook Pro (2021)

Key Reason For Buying MacBook Pro
Editing Ultra-High-Resolution Videos Is What You Want To Do. The MacBook Pro 13-inch (M1, 2020) is powerful enough to handle 4K and even 8K films. This is some serious work.


You’re Looking For A Macbook That’s Both Powerful And Compact.


The M1 processor has significantly increased the power of the 13-inch MacBook Pro (M1 Mac, 2020). It’s pretty remarkable to see what Apple has accomplished in this regard.


You’re Looking For A Macbook That’s Both Powerful And Compact.


The M1 processor has significantly increased the power of the 13-inch MacBook Pro (M1 Mac, 2020). It’s pretty remarkable to see what Apple has accomplished in this regard.


Key Reason For To Avoid MacBook Pro
If You’re On A Tight Budget.


Despite its affordability, the MacBook Pro 13-inch is still a pricey technology. The MacBook Air (M1, 2020), on the other hand, delivers almost the same performance for a significant fraction of the cost.


You’re Looking For Exceptional Graphic Capabilities.


It’s no slouch in the performance area, but the 13-inch MacBook Pro like iPad air still depends on integrated graphics, which means that it isn’t very good at doing anything that requires substantial graphics power.


The Designs Of Apple’s Products Do Not Appeal To You.


As with the MacBook Pro 13-inch, Apple made no significant modifications to the general design. A few years later, if you disliked how, it looked before, this isn’t going to change that.


The MacBook Pro in 2021: Some Interesting Unknown Facts

New 2021 MacBook Silver Vs Space Gray information that you may not have known about. The Apple Keynote didn’t disclose these facts, and neither does Apple’s website. Let’s get this started.

  • The starting chime is no longer playing. When you elevate your MacBook Pro’s display, it begins to boot automatically. Thus, the chime is no longer necessary. 
  • They could have used 32GB of RAM in the new MacBook Pro, but they decided to go with 16GB. This is because 32GB reduces battery life. Also, they assumed that customers were more concerned about battery life than power. My view is that this is an insensitive decision made by a company that should know better.
  • A new MacBook Pro does not include a USB port for an iPhone. That’s a good one, and I’ll repeat it. A MacBook Pro can’t be used to charge an iPhone without a converter. Funny, strange, and hilarious all at once!
  • For a total of $250, you could buy all of your dongles. Individual adapters for each of those ports? You’d be a complete fool if you did that. You’d be better off investing in a ThunderBolt Hub instead because you’ll never be able to connect everything you own to those four inputs. It has a USB hub attached to it, and that’s what I have. A single ThunderBolt links all of this to my PC.
  • You may now buy a laptop for $4,299 or more. Indeed, that’s a new record. Before taxes, AppleCare, and dongles, that’s the price. This, of course, is the company’s most expensive model, which only a select few should ever contemplate.
  • The MacBook Pro like iPad pro appears to lack an extension cable. This one irritated me. I was surprised to learn that they weren’t included with new laptops, which surprised me. Possibly not? Ensure that you obtain the correct connector when purchasing a new Apple computer. This massive adaptor won’t fit in my wall socket. 
  • The Apple logo will no longer illuminate in the dark. This one isn’t as serious, but it’s still entertaining and sad.
  • The glowing Apple Icon has been gone, and the laptops now resemble iPads and iPhones more closely. That’s all right, Apple, you can have it. In any case, I used another sticker to hide mine.

MacBook Pros With M2 Chips Will Be Available From Apple In 2022

Speculation is rife that Apple is working on a new version of its entry-level MacBook Pro. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in a Sunday email, Apple’s 2022 MacBook Pro models may include an M2 processor but no ProMotion or mini-LED display, as reported by 9to5Mac.

It was revealed that the 2021 MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs has a ProMotion display. Refresh rates of up to 120Hz are possible because of the new technology.

More About MacBook Silver Vs Space Gray

Some More About MacBook Silver Vs Space Gray

Does The Space Gray Or Silver Macbook Look Better?

Silver is superior at masking tiny scratches and scuffs when moved over a table. On the other hand, Space Gray has a better chance of hiding dark scruffs than Black. As a result, if you wish to minimize the appearance of minor blemishes on your MacBook Pro (2021), choose Silver as your color of choice.

Is It Ok To Leave Macbook Air Plugged In All The Time?

Charge cycles and heat can damage the battery, and having a Mac plugged in and charged to 100% repeatedly may result in a bloated battery or a lower charging capacity in the long run. Generally speaking, you should avoid letting your battery rest at 100 percent for lengthy periods for Apple iPhone or Apple iPad Pro, iPad mini also.

Should I Shut Down My Mac Every Night?

When your Mac is put to sleep, it consumes less energy and may be woken up much more quickly than a Mac that has been switched off. If you’re going to be gone from your Mac for a few hours or even overnight, letting it go to sleep is the most efficient approach to conserve battery life.

Is 256GB Ssd Macbook Enough?

Don’t be deceived because all-new iMac and MacBook models come equipped with a 256GB SSD as standard. 256GB should be more than enough storage for your media files, whether photographs, movies, or music.

Why Is It Called Space Gray?

According to Melvin, “aluminum is utilized for a wide variety of systems, such as electrical, hydraulic, robotic workstations, and so on. Apple initially released space Gray with the iPhone 5 series in 2013. The phone’s dark gray color is reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey without being overtly so.

MacBook Silver Vs Space Gray colors


It means that the MacBook Silver Vs Space Gray colors have very little in common. As a result, you may choose the one that best fits your needs based on the considerations mentioned earlier. For example, the space gray model’s bezels reflect less light than the silver model, making it a better choice if you prefer to work in low light.

In addition, if you’re annoyed by even the tiniest of scratches, you should choose the silver model, which will hide them better. As a result, you have the last say on which MacBook Pro color best suits your needs.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time debating the advantages and drawbacks of the best laptop MacBook Pro colors, so you should pick the one you like most. In the end, it’s up to you, so go with whatever appeals to your tastes and preferences with gold also16.


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