MacBook Pro Touch Bar Flickering | Causes And Solutions

Last Updated on August 3, 2022

The touch bar replaces the function keys we’re so used to with a multicolored strip. If you’ve activated the touch bar on your Macbook Pro, the touch bar light will come on, but when it flickers uncontrollably, it suggests an issue.

MacBook Pro touch bar flickering occurs due to reasons like: 

  • Loose cable connection
  • Outdated macOS
  • Issues with touch bar LCD
  • NVRAM and SMC malfunction

You can refresh the touch bar or reset the macOS to fix this glitch. Also, check for dust on the glass panel behind the display and clean it.

The flickering touch bar is one reason most users don’t appreciate the new feature from Apple. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to fix it. Read on to learn the causes and solutions for the MacBook Pro touch bar glitch.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Flickering

My Macbook Pro Touch Bar Is Flickering: Is This Normal?

Apple MacBook Pro touchpad flickering is an issue most Mac users occasionally face, which isn’t normal. If you are experiencing it too, you don’t need to worry because it’s something you can fix without much stress unless it’s gotten more complicated than that. You must understand that touchpad flickering happens when 

  • The touch bar is inactive.
  • You are in safe mode.
  • You are resetting SMC or NVRAM, and this does not work most of the time.

Touchpad flickering happens randomly. It does not happen on your login screen before you enter your password; most of the time, reinstalling macOS does not help. 

Flickering is a hardware issue. If your guarantee period has expired, you will most likely pay to repair it. 

Causes Of Macbook Pro Touch Bar Light Flickering

One of the common issues with most MacBook Pro is the touch bar light flickering, this happens randomly, and there are several reasons for that. The causes of MacBook touch bar light flickering include:

1. Loose Cable Connection

One of the persistent causes of touch bar light flickering on Macs is loose cable connection or hardware issues. If you notice any kind of faulty connections in the hardware, it may trigger the touch bar to flicker. 

That’s why you must ensure that all cables and connectors are in the right place for the proper connection. Make sure you secure all connections. 

2. Issues With The LCD Screen

You need to check your LCD screen if you are experiencing issues with the touch bar flickering light flickering. You should check your Mac software to see if the connection with the LCD screen is properly in place. You will have to fix the problem by reinstalling macOS or resetting it.

Issues With The LCD Screen

3. Physical Damage On The Macbook Screen

If you drop your Mac from a height or drop heavy or sharp objects on the Mac screen, it may cause the touch bar to flicker. 

4. Liquid Spilling On The Keyboard

Spilling liquids like water on the keyboard may go straight to the battery and cause a malfunction, such as a touch bar flickering. 

5. Software Issue

Other possible causes of touch bar flickering on your MacBook are software issues that directly impact the functionality of your touch bar and laptop screen.  

How To Fix The Flickering Problems On The Touch Bar Of Macbook Pro?

To fix the MacBook Pro Touch bar, disconnect all the external devices connected to your MacBook Pro, including the power adapter and external keyboard. Then reset your MacBook Pro using the Command + R keys together. 

There are different reasons your touch bar light flickers and different ways to fix it. Here’s how to fix the touch bar glitch on your MacBook.

1. Reset Your Mac

If the touch bar flickering has to do with software, resetting your Mac will be the first step to fixing it. How do you do it? Hold down the command and R keys while booting; this will direct you to recovery mode. Then you will see options to reset your computer or reinstall macOS.

2. Reinstall macOS

You will have to reinstall macOS if, after you have reset your laptop, the problem persists. To reinstall macOS, open your app store, click on the “Downloads” column and select the “Reinstall macOS” option. 

3. Refresh Touch Bar

To refresh the touch bar, go to Activity Monitor on your MacBook Pro, search “TouchBar Server ” and click on the “X” in the top left to quit that page. In addition, quit the “control strip.”


You can also fix and troubleshoot the issue by resetting your NVRAM and SMC. To reset the NVRAM;

  • Switch off your MacBook, long press command + option + P + R.
  • After your Mac laptop has come back on, you can now release these keys. 


Follow this simple guide to reset your SMC

  • Switch off your MacBook
  • Hold down the control, option, and shift keys
  • Press the power button for about 8 seconds and then release the other keys. Do not release any of the buttons. 
  • Long press the buttons for 7 seconds.
  • Release the power button and press it again to switch on your laptop.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Flickering

5. Professional Repair

If you have tried everything listed above and the flickering issue persists, you must carry your MacBook Pro to a professional for a quality repair. 

You May Also Ask

Does The Apple Warranty Cover The Flickering Touch Bar Fix?

If you use your MacBook by Apple’s user manual and the touch bar still flickers within the warranty period, then Apple will take responsibility for the malfunction. However, if your laptop fell, or you poured liquid on it and other self-caused damages, Apple won’t take responsibility.

Does Touch Bar Flickering Drain My Battery? 

An issue of touch bar flickering may be due to software or hardware malfunction, which has to do with connections. In short, your Mac tends to use more power and the battery faster when the touch bar flickers.

Can I Replace The MacBook Touch Bar?

You can replace your MacBook touch bar, and the replacement cost is determined by several factors, such as the MacBook you are using, the year of the laptop, and when you purchased it. Replacement cost ranges from $300 to $1500.

Professional Repair

How Do I Restore The Touch Bar On My MacBook Pro?

You can restore the touch bar on your MacBook Pro through the Activity Monitor, which Apple describes as a task manager that allows you to see how apps affect your laptop. 

  • Type “Activity Monitor” in the Spotlight.
  • Open the app, find the touch bar agent and click on it.
  • Find the “x” button in the upper left corner and click on “quit.” 
  • If the issue persists, restart the control strip through the Activity Monitor. 
  • Open the Activity Monitor app, select the Control Strip, find the “x” button, click on it, then click on “quit.” 

Is There A Touch Bar On New MacBook Pro?

There is no touch bar on the new Macbook Pro because Apple says their users prefer the full-sized and tactile function keys. 

My Thoughts On The MacBook Pro Touch Bar

The Touch Bar is one of the cool features of the new MacBook Pro, but when it isn’t working correctly, it can quickly sour the experience. 

MacBook Pro touch bar flickering is an issue most users encounter. To fix it, reset your MacBook or refresh the touch bar. If you’re still experiencing this flickering issue, take your laptop to a professional for repair. 


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