Is 64GB Enough For A Laptop? Make A Wise Decision!

While choosing the laptop, many questions may roam around your head, especially when it’s your first time. As an important matter, you need to consider both the RAM and storage capacity simultaneously. 

So you may think, will 64GB be enough for a laptop? If you ask about RAM, 64GB will be adequate for almost everything. Still, considering even bare minimum use, 64GB will not be enough when it comes to storage capacity because even 128GB storage capacity seems very low for Windows 10.

However, we have explained everything in detail if you want to know more about what you need according to your preference. So, stop hovering around and read further!

Is 64GB Enough For A Laptop?

So as we already said, the answer cannot be definitive as it can be RAM or storage capacity. 64GB RAM is more than enough for almost everything if you ask about RAM. Usually, 16GB RAM can handle all your heavy chores, so you can understand what 64GB can do to give you the best laptop experience. 

On the contrary, if you ask about storage capacity, the answer will be completely reversed. Nowadays, 64GB of storage is not enough for a mobile phone. You can’t expect a great laptop experience using only 64GB SSD on the laptop. 

Having at least 256GB SSD to 320GB SSD storage is wise if you regularly work with your laptop. You will need more storage depending on the type of usage you want from your computer. Even a 128GB SSD will be better than a 64GB one. 

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Clearing The Storage Confusion

You might feel confused between RAM and the storage capacity of your laptop. But these two terms are entirely different, and you need to understand the difference. 

RAM is the short-term memory of your laptop. That means it only works when you work on the computer. However, it will transfer the program to your laptop’s RAM from the storage to load faster when running a program. 

But when you turn off the laptop, the RAM cannot save the information or progRAM. If you turn off the computer, the data will be erased from your RAM and returned to the default storage: your laptop’s storage system, most commonly the SSD, stores everything permanently.

There are different laptop storage systems, not only RAM and SSD. Here are the standard storage systems that you will find on your laptop:

  • RAM: as stated before, RAM is the short-term memory of your laptop. It handles and stores the active programs of your computer. But once you shut down the computer, it will remove the programs and apps. So for most of the works, 16GB RAM is enough nowadays.
  • SSD: SSD is the solid-state drive of the laptop. Most laptops, including MacBook, use SSD nowadays. You will find SSD from 16GB to 2TB or more. SSD is faster and more reliable than other storage options. 
  • eMMC Storage: it is the Embedded MultiMedia Card storage of a laptop. This storage system is directly attached to the motherboard and used as an alternative to SSD. The downside is that you can’t upgrade the storage afterward.
  • HDD (Hard Disk Drive): Nowadays, the usage of HDD is not suggested as SSD is a more convenient option. However, if you want an HDD, you can use it as an extra space system for your laptop.  
  • Hybrids: laptops that have hybrid storage come with both HDD and SSD. You will get both speed and a good storage capacity from these laptops in the same place. 

What Is A Good RAM For A Laptop?

We will share an overview of the RAM capacity you need to fulfill your requirements. Have a look:

RAM Capacity  Purpose 
2-6GB Educational works, light usage, map editing
8-16GB Good for everyday usage and regular tasks, video editing, music, watching Full HD content, gaming 
32GB-64GB Fast operation, PhotoShop works, Illustrator, CRM, web development, multi-tasking 
64GB-More You can do everything with a faster response 

As a bottom line of our exploration and experience, we can assure you that you can do everything with your 16GB or 32GB RAM. Buying 64GB RAM can be a waste unless you appreciate the fast operation and response. 

What Is A Good Storage Capacity For A Laptop?

After RAM, we want to look into the different storage capacities and the purpose you can fulfill. So let’s move forward: 

Storage Capacity  Purpose 
64GB bare minimum computing needs, browsing the internet, watching videos on Youtube or Netflix, and browsing social media.
128GB It can contain operating systems, applications and store low-resolution images, videos, educational necessities.
256GB Enough for everyday usage and regular tasks, storing large videos, university essentials
512GB It can hold all your documents, videos, programs, and images, enough for everyday use
1 TB or More You can store everything, best for a gaming laptop and heavy users who need more capacity.

You should know that the operating systems and applications take up most of your storage space, so you cannot entirely be satisfied unless you have an adequate storage capacity. 

At this moment, 64GB is nothing in today’s storage requirements. Windows 10 will take up most of your 64GB storage. We suggest getting at least 128GB or more to run everything smoothly. To be straightforward, 256GB is enough for everyday laptop users.

Storage For Different Purposes: 

How much storage will you need if you have any specific requirements, like university tasks or video editing? We have figured that out for you. 

How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop For Video Editing?

You will need at least 512GB of HDD or SSD pace alongside 16GB RAM for video editing. But here, any upgrade in the capacity will be more fruitful for you. 

How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop For University?

As a university student, you will need to store many photos, assignments, and programs throughout the 4 years. Remember, 512GB is the minimum storage you will need. But if you can afford more storage, 512GB cannot harm you. 

How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop For Gaming?

Gamers usually need more storage capacity in their laptops than other users. So if you are a light gamer, you need at least 512GB of storage. However, if you are a professional gamer, you will need 1 TB or more storage space.

How Much RAM Do You Need For Basic Everyday Use?

For primary use, you will need at least 8GB of RAM. Of course, 4GB will work, too, but you need to have 8GB RAM to run everything smoothly if you want sufficiency.

How To Get More Space In Your Laptop?

We understand how annoying the “out of storage” notification can be. But is the only way to get over this issue to buy a new storage system? No, not at all! You can leave a sigh of relief because we are going to share some ways which can help you to free more space out of the storage in times of need: 

  • Use cloud storage: cloud storage like OneDrive, iCloud (for Apple), or Google Drive can help you save much space from your laptop. All you have to do is keep the large files in the cloud storage, creating an account there. 
  • Free space: delete all the unnecessary files and programs from your computer. Cache files can take up much space. So you have to erase all the unnecessary files from the laptop. 
  • External hard drive: you can also use external storage with a hard drive if you run low on storage. You will get a good amount of space as well as flexibility. 
  • Get rid of monster files: often, we save files that we need temporarily and then forget about those. Those big files take up a lot of space on our laptop. So cleaning those up will free much space from the device as well. 

Want To Know More? Here You Go: 

Is 64GB A Lot For A Laptop?

If 64GB is RAM, it’s more than enough, which sometimes can be a total waste of money. But if it’s storage, 64GB can do nothing nowadays. So you need to upgrade to more storage in that case. 

What Games Does 64GB Of RAM Provide Optimum Performance?

You can play almost every game you want with the 64GB RAM. Even 16GB is enough to play big games. So you can expect your games to run smoothly without issues with the 64GB RAM. 

Will 64GB Storage And 4 RAM Be Enough?

It’s not enough, but it should be okay if you want to do the bare minimum task. However, we suggest upgrading the storage and RAM as 64GB and 4GB RAM is insufficient

Is 64GB Enough For Windows 10?

64GB can handle your Windows 10, but it is not enough for the applications and progRAM files to run. So even if you manage to install windows 10, you will face issues further. You will get less RAM speed as well. 

The Final Talk 

So you already got the answer to your question if 64GB is adequate for a laptop. As 64GB RAM is enough for every task, you can go without any problem with this RAM upgrade. But on the other hand, as we said, 64GB storage capacity can do nothing. 

If you are thinking of buying a 64GB RAM laptop, unless you need it, you can quickly go with 16GB or 32GB. However, it’s best to avoid 64GB storage if you plan to get a laptop of such low storage capacity. The rest is up to you! 


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