Hyperlink Not Working In Word; How To Fix It In All Versions Of MS Word 

Are you facing issues with the hyperlink in your Microsoft Word? Is the hyperlink not having an authentic style? You are not alone. This irritating problem happens with different Microsoft Office versions very often. For some reason, the looks and clickability of the hyperlink got lost. How can you get rid of this error? 

A misspelled hyperlink or corrupted link can cause the hyperlink not to work in Word. Also, backdated MS Word and malware or bugs are responsible. Firstly, you need to recheck the hyperlink & refresh the web browser. Updating MS Office & browser, editing some settings, and removing bugs can fix the problem too.   

Hyperlink Not Working In Word; Overview Of The Problem, Reason & Solution 

Problems  Reasons  Solutions 
  • The link is not in the blue color text
  • The linked text is not underlined 
  • The link is not clickable 
  • Pressing the link takes nowhere 
  • The link appears in a bracketed text 
  • Misspelled hyperlink text 
  • Corrupted web browser link 
  • Backdated Microsoft Word
  • Mac lost the clickable link 
  • Malware, bugs, or viruses  
  • Changing & editing required setting
  • Rechecking the hyperlinked text 
  • Refreshing or restarting the web page & Word document
  • Updating browser and MS Word 
  • Get rid of malware 

Reasons Of Hyperlink Not To Work In Word 

To solve any problem, knowing the reasons behind it is a must. This strategy helps to prevent the issues from happening again. 

In the case of hyperlinks not working in Word, the grounds are interconnected. Let’s see what causes the hyperlink not to work in Word.

Misspelled Hyperlink Text 

Sometimes, we make mistakes while typing the hyperlinked text. We tend not to copy the link correctly too. So, it pastes incomplete hyperlink text.

Also, often we do not select the entire link from the web page. Incomplete selected text can cause the hyperlink option to be unavailable. 

Malware, Bugs, Or Viruses

The remaining malware on your device can cause this hyperlink issue. Viruses make the hyperlink corrupted. Also, the bugs can affect your browser and document. 

Besides the Microsoft Office program, malware affects your device too. Your Mac can lose the clickable hyperlink. This problem may lead to damage to the Microsoft Word document file.

Backdated Software

You need to remain updated. Sometimes, we forget to update the software on our devices. Backdated Microsoft Word or Office can cause hyperlink trouble. 

You need to keep your browser updated too. Otherwise, it may collect malware. Also, it will fail to maintain a balance between Word and the web browser.

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Solutions Of Hyperlink Not To Work In Word

Now, we will see what you can do when the hyperlink does not work in Word. We organized the solutions step by step. If you can not solve the problem, go to the next method. 

Method 1: Rechecking Hyperlinked Text

  • Check your hyperlink again. 
  • Correct the spelling if the text is misspelled. 
  • Make sure you copied the link correctly.
  • Select the entire link text from the web page.
  • Make sure the website is authentic.
  • Try to use the address text box in a Word document.
  • Avoid corrupted web page hyperlinks. 
  • Clear the hyperlink and set it again.
  • You can use a slash at the end of the liked text. 
  • Right-click on the hyperlink and edit it.

Method 2:  Changing Required Setting

You can solve this problem with some simple changes in the Microsoft Word setting. The change is to add or clear the option “Show Field Codes Instead of their Values.” 

We will see how you can perform setting edits in different versions of Microsoft Word when the hyperlink not working.

Hyperlink Solution For Word 2020 & 2016

  • Click on the File option from the Word document. You will find it at the top of the Microsoft word document. 
  • Chose the Options box from the list. It will be presented on the left side.
  • Click on the Advanced button from the option list.
  • It will open a list of options. Scroll down, find, and select the Show Document Content option. 
  • Now “Show Field Codes Instead of their Values.” option will come. Uncheck the box beside it.
  • If the box is unchecked, then check it. Now, select the OK button.

Hyperlink Solution For Word 2013 & 2010

  • Go to the top of the Word file document. Press on the Insert option.
  • Find the Hyperlink option from the list. Right-click on the Hyperlink option. 
  • Click on the option of Customize The Ribbon. It will open a bar on the left.
  • Find and select the Advanced option. Locate the CTRL+Click option.
  • Check the box beside that option. If it was checked, then uncheck it and tick it again. 
  • Click OK button if it pops up. 

Hyperlink Solution For Word 2007

  • From the Office button, go to the Word Option.  
  • Locate and select the Proofing option. 
  • From there, select the Autocorrect option. 
  • Locate the option named AutoFormat. 
  • You need to check the dialog box “Replace As You Type.”
  • Now type the word Tab & notice ‘Internet and network paths with hyperlinks.’
  • Press the space bar or Enter after the hyperlink text in the document. 
  • Your hyperlink will turn into an active link.

Method 3: Refreshing And Restarting 

If the changing settings do not work, you need to restart the applications. Even if the setting changing works, refreshing the software will not go in vain. 


  • Click the reload button at the top of the web page. 
  • Close the current document and reopen it. 
  • Close all the tabs on your browser.
  • Save the bookmarks before closing your browser. 
  • Insert tab in a New Tab on your browser. 
  • Close the Microsoft Office program and reopen it.

Method 4: Updating Software & Removing Malware

  • Update your browser to the latest version. 
  • Update the latest version of Microsoft Word.
  • Update the latest version of Microsoft Office.
  • Scan for the virus in your device. 
  • Use effective anti-virus software. 

Method 5: Repairing Microsoft Office 

  • Click Win+R and open the Run window. 
  • Start the Control Panel window by typing it and pressing Enter. 
  • Select the Programs And Features option.
  • Locate the Microsoft Office Package and right-click on it.
  • Press on the Change option and click on Repair>>Continue. 
  • After completing the repair process, restart the system. 

You can use the Microsoft Office troubleshooting tool to repair it. Download the tool from Microsoft support & recovery assistant.

Other Solutions For Hyperlink Not To Work In Word

The methods we mentioned are enough for you to solve the hyperlink problem in Word. Now we will look at some problems regarding hyperlinks related to Word. Also, we will share the solutions. 

Hyperlink Clickability In Word Mac

The Word for Mac is simple in HTML functions. Microsoft designed Office for Mac this way to make it safe.

However, due to the lacking of support, the hyperlink on the Word document on Mac can lose its clickability. Follow the steps to make the link clickable.

  • You need to type the display text on the Text To Display box. 
  • You need to provide the link in the field option or address box.
  • The field option can be named URL or Address, or Link.
  • To active the hyperlink, press on the field & then ⌘ cmd +v.

Word Changes Hyperlink While Saving

You may set the hyperlink in the Word document properly, but it can change while saving. After you hit the save button, Word may change the hyperlink format.

Perform the following steps to avoid this problem. 

  • Find the Word Options from the Office Button or the File button. 
  • From the Word option, select the Advanced option. 
  • Select the Web Option from the General tab. 
  • From the Web Options window, press the Files tab.
  • Uncheck the box beside the “Update links on save” option.
  • Save these preferences by clicking OK. 

Hyperlink Not Working In Outlook

Hyperlinks may not work in Microsoft Outlook. Many complain that they get an error message while opening a hyperlink sent by mail. This can happen by corrupted Outlook. 

MS Outlook is a product of Microsoft Office; it can affect Word too. Let’s see how we can resolve this issue. 

  • You need to fix your registry key or registry editor. 
  • Find CMD and right-click on it. Select “Run as administrator.”
  • Run the commands in the Command Prompt Window. 
  • After completing the commands, close the prompt and reopen Outlook.
  • Set Internet Explorer as your default browser.
  • Try to reinstall Google Chrome.
  • Resolve the issues with the mailing server. 

Hyperlink Not Working In PDF 

When you save the word file as a PDF, the hyperlink may lose its clickability. You can activate the hyperlink in the pdf document by performing some tasks. 

  • Rewrite the hyperlinked text and the URL. 
  • Use the correct web page URL. Replace HTTP:// if needed.
  • Check if your internet connection is active or not. 
  • Try out a different application to open the pdf file. 

Follow Hyperlinks Without Ctrl Key 

Usually, you press the Ctrl key to follow a hyperlink in Word. You can click on the link and follow it by disabling this option. 

Let’s see how you can disable this Ctrl option.

  • From your Word application, open the File tab.
  • Then press on the Options tab.
  • From the Word Options dialog box, select the Advanced option. 
  • Locate the “Use CTRL + click to follow hyperlink option.”
  • Uncheck the box beside it in the Editing Options section. 
  • Click OK to save your preference. 

This will allow you to just click on the hyperlink and follow it. But, you can not edit the hyperlink by clicking on it. You have to use the arrow key to navigate the hyperlink.

People Often Ask 

How To Show Blue Links Instead Of { Hyperlink Link } In Word?

Go from File-Option–Advanced to the Show Document Content option to do it. Then uncheck the box beside the “Show field codes instead of their values” option. 


How Can I Insert Link On Plain Text In Word?

Select the text you want to show as a hyperlink and right-click on it. You can also press CTRL+K. Type or paste the web page link in the insert hyperlink dialog box. 


What Can I Use Instead Of MS Word? 

There are many tools and software available for writing. But, Microsoft is the most popular among them. Google Docs is one of the famous alternatives to Microsoft Word. 


What To Do When Hyperlink Is Not Working In Outlook?

You need to change your default browser to Microsoft Edge. Then reinstall Google Chrome and try to open the link sent from the email. This will help to activate the link.


How Can You Make Pdf Hyperlink Work? 

Perform remove hyperlinks and edit hyperlinks. Check your internet connection too. Also, try to open the pdf file on another application for pdf file opening.

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