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Last Updated on August 5, 2022

Gadgets make life easier, and so does the Mac Mini. The Mac Mini can turn any screen display into a powerful working space, but you will need a mouse and keyboard for efficient use. So what happens when a keyboard is unavailable? You should know how to setup Mac Mini without keyboard.

You can use the accessibility keyboard. It is an onscreen keyboard that provides access to type just as you would on a physical keyboard. It has advanced typing and navigation features for easy use. 

Here’s how you can get your Mac mini setup without a keyboard or mouse.

What Is A Mac Mini?

A Mac Mini is an Apple product. It is a portable small desktop computer that can turn any screen into an intelligent computer. It is like the central processing unit, which turns a screen into a computer. 

The Mac Mini needs an external keyboard and mouse to function correctly. It is a Bring Your Display, Keyboard, and Mouse workspace machine. This device might seem odd, but it helps one have a working computer almost anywhere they go. 

It is a very flexible buy. If one has a screen, mouse, and keyboard, instead of buying all these again, pair it to a Mac Mini, and you are good to go. 

How To Setup Mac Mini Without Keyboard

What Do You Need To Setup Your Mac Mini Without Keyboard? 

To set up your Mac Mini without a keyboard, you must first set up the display screen. To do this, you need a connector, either HDMI or Thunderbolt 3. The Mac Mini has lots of ports to fit any connector head size. You also need an internet connection.

A mouse or trackpad is also necessary for easy navigation. You can reach, swipe, and move to all screen parts with the mouse. The last requirement is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. 

These connections help the setup between the device and the external keyboard and mouse. With all these, you are ready to begin. 

How To Set Up Mac Mini Without Keyboard

If you do not have an Apple magic keyboard, or it is not connecting to the Mac Mini system, there is an alternative way to setup without it. This alternative involves using the screen keyboard, also known as the accessibility keyboard. 

The onscreen keyboard has setup-assistant and keyboard shortcuts to help the user. 

  • Turn on the Mac, go to the Apple menu, click system, and click on preferences. 
  • At preferences, click on accessibility, keyboard, and click viewer, then turn on enable accessibility keyboard. 

Another way to turn on the onscreen keyboard is by going to the input menu on the menu bar and choosing show keyboard viewer. A show emoji or icon represents the input menu. 

With the onscreen keyboard available on the screen, you can continue to set up. 

Set Up By Setting Up The Software

Select country and click continue. Choose a Wi-Fi router and input the password. Read Apple terms and conditionally (optionally) and click agree. Transfer data if you want to, and click continue. 

Sign in with your Apple ID if you have any, or continue to create an account. You can allow Apple to set up features like location and Siri automatically, or you can choose to customize your settings. There, your Mac is fully set up and ready for work.  

How To Setup Mac Mini With Bluetooth Mouse

If you have only a Bluetooth mouse and no Apple magic keyboard, you can still set up your Mac. The process is not complicated. Turn on the Mac, pair the mouse with the Mac Mini Bluetooth connectivity, and follow the steps below. 

  • With the mouse, navigate the menu bar and turn on the accessibility keyboard for typing. 
  • Continue the setup by filling in the necessary data like country, Apple ID, accepting terms and conditions, and system setting. 

With these done, your Mac is ready for use. 

Mac Mini

Related Questions And Answers

Do I Need A Wired Keyboard To Set Up The Mac Mini?

You need a keyboard to set up the Mac Mini, but not necessarily a wired keyboard. While the wired keyboard is the easiest to use, there are other opinions like the Bluetooth keyboard, wireless keyboard, USB keyboard, and the onscreen keyboard. 

If the wired keyboard is your preference, that is great. Still, any wireless one will do. 

Can I Use iPhone As A Keyboard For Mac?

Yes, you can use iPhone as a keyboard for Mac. Connect the iPhone through Bluetooth to the Mac and tap the keyboard sign at the iPhone app bottom. The tap will relay an onscreen keyboard on your screen. 

You can also use the keyboard landscape mode if you have a paid version. 

How Do I Log Into My Mac Mini If My Keyboard Doesn’t Work?

If your keyboard does not work, you can log into your Mac using the onscreen keyboard. Enable the accessibility keyboard on the menu bar and type in your login details to continue. 

If you have a “remember password option”, you can click with a mouse to log in. 

How Do I Get My Mac Mini To Recognize My Mouse?

To get your Mac Mini to recognize your mouse:

  • Turn the Mac Bluetooth to discoverable. The Bluetooth will search and list available connections. 
  • Click on the mouse name to pair. The link remains till you disconnect it. If the problem persists, check if the mouse is charged and turned on or within the Mac Bluetooth connectivity range. 
  • You can reboot the Mac and mouse and try again. 

How Do I Connect My Mouse To My Mac Mini For The First Time?

You will require a Bluetooth or a USB dongle to connect a mouse to a Mac Mini for the first time. Connect the USB wire to the Mac, and you are good. 

Turn on the Mac Bluetooth and pair it with the mouse’s connection if it is a Bluetooth connection. Ensure the mouse is within range of the Mac, or there will be a spotty connection. 


The Mac Mini is a powerful, flexible power station tool. It is easy to bring work with you anywhere there is a screen. The setup process is also easy, even for a newbie. 

Unlike the Mac Book Pro, using a Mac Mini requires a display screen, a mouse for navigation, and a keyboard for typing.

However, there might be cases where there is no keyboard available. This article has entirely laid out how to set up Mac Mini without a keyboard. 


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