How To Intercept Text Messages Over WiFi? 4 Simple Ways

Last Updated on August 8, 2022

I had coffee with my friend at his house a few days ago. Surprisingly, he had indirect access to his child’s phone, whereas he was getting all the text messages she got. It seemed weird, but still, I wanted to know-how. 

When I told him to spill the tea, he shared the spikes like using a packet sniffer will let you get through the network information so that later on, you can intercept the data. Correspondingly, he narrated that software like WireShark works as a packet sniffer. Afterward, I also extrapolated you could do the same using a spy app. 

So, read on if you are like me and want to learn how to intercept text messages over WiFi. I have discovered a lot of interesting methods! 

How To Intercept Text Messages Over WiFi? 4 Techniques That Help

Interception means getting access to someone’s text messages over the network. Even though it might sound tough, the process is pretty simple if you can follow the lead correctly.

Although you cannot intercept text messages directly using the WiFi network, that would be an invasion of privacy, and you can still use some third-party measures to proceed. 

Technique-1: Use WireShark

My friend suggested WireShark as the first option. Although it is not like an on-device solution, it still works wonders. You can use it on your desktop and read the traffic to intercept text messages.

What Is WireShark?

It is mainly a packet sniffer that lets you analyze the data that goes through the network traffic. So you can use the app to store the ongoing data and analyze those offline.

Technique-2: Using A Packet Sniffer

A packet sniffer is one kind of software that lets you monitor and analyze the ongoing network data. Using a packet sniffer, you can get signal messages from any device. 

The sniffers offer two options, one will let you choose a specific data package, and the other will provide you with all the data so you can check afterward. 

Technique-3: Being A Network Administrator

Being a network administrator lets you see all the SMS messages from the target device. It’s more likely to happen when the information goes through an unsecured rich communication service. 

That’s why people forbid using public WiFi, as there are many possibilities for hackers to steal your data. If you are the network administrator, you can also see the length, time, date, and recipient if the user is not using apps with data encryption. 

Technique-4: Using Spy Apps 

You can get through someone’s text messages from every operating system, even an iOS device. So, the spy apps help you to intercept the messaging app and get what you want. Here are a few spy apps for you to try:


This app lets you get anything from your target device on Android and iOS. You can quickly get all the SMS messages, google messages, Facebook messenger data, and Android messages from any device. 

Also, you won’t need to have to be on the same network as the person. You can install the app on the targeted phone and get everything you want. 


As this one supports stealth mode, this is the one to go for if you want to remain entirely unnoticeable. It lets you get SMS, calls, and GPS as well. You can set it up on an Android device as well as iPhone. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t take too long to set up. 


When I researched for a bit, I found this app solely devoted to tracking SMS. It is constructive and not like malicious apps. They offer a 7-day free trial, so you can try it out before using it. 

Moreover, this app doesn’t take too long to sync the messages, which is an upside. Most people prefer this one as it is trendy, and you can use it through a cellular network. 


The best thing about this app is that you can get the texts even if they are deleted. So when you want to dive all in, you can get to do that. Alongside SMS, you will also get other data like call history and location. 


This app is intended for when you want to dig into even iMessage conversations. I was surprised when I was urged to go through my other iPhone and check if it worked. This app can do much remote control even through the mobile network.

Now, How To Use These Spy Apps? 

The main purpose of the spy apps is to work silently so the user cannot detect their presence. At the same time, you can get all the information you need from their phone effectively. These apps are very straightforward to set up and use. Here’s how they work: 

  • Download and create an account in the app
  • Install the app on your target device
  • Purchase any one of the available plans (you can also go for a free trial)
  • Pair the account with your target device using the required information 

And it’s done! Now you can intercept any text or data from the target phone without any physical access. Isn’t that fascinating? 

Why Should You Use A Spy App?

Although there are several ways of intercepting a text message, I think spy apps are the best. Because: 

  • They offer excellent compatibility for both Android and iOS. 
  • You get to have more information alongside the text messages.
  • The target phone user won’t be able to detect the app.
  • It takes very little time to set up.
  • You get to have a lot of additional features. 

When Should You Intercept Text Messages?

Let’s get straight to the point, intercepting someone’s texts or personal data is a severe invasion of privacy. But, sometimes, you can’t help when other profound concerns are involved. So here are a few concerns when you should intercept someone’s smartphone:

Monitoring Your Children

If you are a working parent, you can’t help but monitor what your children are doing when you are not around. Modern technology has many harmful impacts that can put your kid in danger. So intercepting gives you a good idea of what’s going on with their lives.

Checking Up On Your Partner 

If you agree, checking and accessing each other’s phones is not a big deal. I have access to my wife’s phone, and she has mine. It seemed to increase the level of trust and helped us know when we were in trouble. 

Monitoring The Employees

Sometimes, data protection is a must-needed thing for your company. So, you can’t help but intercept what’s happening with your employee. But you must only do that during work hours; otherwise, it will be an actual invasion of privacy. 

How To Know Someone Is Intercepting Messages On Your Phone?

Well, if someone uses the interception methods to go through all your data, that might be annoying and risky. So you must be aware of that to save yourself from ill-intentions. Here are a few ways to know if someone has illegal access to your phone:

Storage Consumption 

No matter how small a spy app is, it still consumes a little space at work. So, if your phone’s space is acting weird, maybe it’s time to investigate a bit. 

Unusual Data Usage 

As the spy apps work over WiFi or mobile data, they consume more internet than you usually do. So, if such an issue appears, you need to look broadly into the matter.

Abnormal Behavior 

Sometimes, Androids or iPhones can slow down due to the background usage of a spy app. When you notice that your phone is acting weird, slowing down, crashing again and again- it can be caused by a spy app.

Quick Battery Drainage 

One of the most prominent things when you have a spy app installed, is the battery running out fast. As the app runs in the background, it drains the battery. So, you should look at the applications list once you find something fishy like this. 

How To Protect Your Data From Interception? 

If you want to keep your data protected, there are a few things that you can do. I will share the tips in short: 

  • Do not use unsecured networks like public WiFi
  • Do not use unprotected VPN networks 
  • Use the apps that are end-to-end encrypted
  • Never let your phone unlocked in a public area
  • Also, do not let others use your phone when you are not around
  • Avoid going into any fishy links that anyone sends you
  • Use a secured VPN while you are sending confidential texts 

Texting Applications That Can Invade Your Privacy 

Sadly, most of the applications that we use today are not safe. However, if you know about these, you can keep yourself protected from any unnecessary hassle. So, here is the list of apps that you should be concerned about:

  1. Facebook Messenger: who doesn’t use messenger nowadays? But sadly, the messages are not entirely encrypted. So that speaks to the serious privacy concerns. 
  2. Android Messages: if you use the Android default messaging app, you must be careful because the service provider can access the messages you receive or send. 

But you can use apps like iMessage, Snapchat, Viber, and Whatsapp without worries. As these apps come with end-to-end encryption, getting your data leaked is impossible unless someone has access to your device. 

Further Breakdown On How To Intercept Text Messages Over WiFi

Can You Read Someone’s Texts Through WiFi?

Unless your app is end-to-end encrypted, the messages can be read through WiFi by reading the signals. You can use a packet sniffer to intercept the texts. 

Can WiFi Owner Read Your Messages?

The WiFi owner cannot read your texts unless they use a third-party measure. However, some spy apps and packet sniffers will let them have access to your text messages. 

Can You Spy On Someone Through WiFi?

Yes, you can. Several ways like packet sniffers and spy apps let you access another’s device. You can interpret the ongoing signal and know what’s going on. These methods can access text messages, location, and call history. 

Can WiFi Owner See What Sites I Visit On Phone Incognito?

If the owner has the right tools, they can easily sneak in and see what sites you have been visiting; even your browning history. So, if you are in incognito mode, they can also see that.

Can WiFi Owner See WhatsApp Messages?

As WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption, no one can get through it. So you are entirely safe from leaking your credentials. No one can intercept the messages, not even the service provider. 

Additional Reminders

Now that you get how to intercept text messages over WiFi, let me tell you about a few other secrets before you go:

  • Do not use your phone number for verification; hackers can easily hack that. 
  • Do not sync your contact list in social apps.
  • Only use the applications that offer end-to-end encryptions 
  • Keep your WiFi information as private as possible. 


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