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A curly mousepad can be troublesome to move the mouse properly. So, you should try to flatten the existing pad rather than buy a new one. Though many of you might think that it is a tough job, it requires the least effort. 

So, can you flatten a mousepad? Place in the sun and then simply apply some weight on it. Stack some books and leave them for around 24 hours. Time and weight will help to flatten the mousepad.

How do I flatten my mouse pad? I normally use my hairdryer, and I gently warm it up. (Not HOT). Please keep in mind that the heat will help flatten the mousepad.


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Now there are more supplemental things to know regarding this. So, today, we will share the ways to flatten a mousepad and why and when you should do it. Without any further ado, let’s get into the detail! 

How to flatten a mousepad?

We can hardly find anyone who doesn’t face this widespread problem with mouse pads. When we purchase a new mousepad, it comes in a small box rolled up. So, when we open the mousepad, we find it uneven. This causes many problems with our experience while using the computer as a curve mousepad tends to create problems when we move our mouse.

As this creates many problems, we can do a couple of things to put an end to this problem. Now we will tell you about those steps, But first, you have to gather some stuff. Those are:

  1. Mouse pad
  2. Books or any heavy stuff 
  3. Iron
  4. Water
  5. A Cloth
Flatten a Mousepad

Here are the steps:

Step-1: First, put your mousepad on a flat surface.

Step 2: Put some weight over the mousepad with some books or heavy stuff and leave it for a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Then remove the books

Step 4:  Grab the iron, cloth, and mouse pad. 

Step 5: Set the iron to medium temperature. 

Step 6: Cover the mouse pad with a cloth. 

Step 7: Start ironing the mousepad, especially the corners. Lightly iron all over the mousepad to flatten it.

Step 8: Repeat them 2 to 3 times, and you should get a perfectly flat mousepad.

You can easily find a flat mousepad by following these steps. But you have to consider a few things while doing these steps. Do not let the iron contact directly with the mousepad as it will damage it. Iron the mousepad by covering it with a cloth. Still, if you find any uneven spots, then iron that spot again. 

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How to flatten the RGB mouse pad?  

Flattening an RGB mousepad requires a different process than with regular mousepads. Because an RGB mousepad is different from regular ones. The materials of the RGB mouse pad aren’t capable of tolerating the regular steps.

If you want to follow the most simple way, you can just re-roll the mousepad and let it sit for a couple of minutes. This will help you for a limited time. But this won’t serve you for a long period. 

If you want a flattened RGB mousepad for an extended period, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Place the RGB mousepad on a flat surface.
  1. Cover it with a thick cloth. The thickness of the cloth matters a lot at this phase. 
  1. Lightly rub the iron over the cloth. Don’t let the iron contact the RGB mouse pad directly.
  1. Repeat the process a few times.

This way, you can find a flat RGB mouse pad. But it’s wiser to avoid the ironing step with RGB mousepads. Doing it with the re-rolling step won’t be effective for RGB mousepads, but that is safe. You can do that two times a day to have a better experience. 

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Low friction mouse pad benefits: 

Are you familiar with low friction mouse pads? Flattening makes the mousepad come with low friction. Low friction mouse pads are one of a kind mousepad that is very light and laminated with plastic. These mousepads help us to work comfortably. 

The benefits which low friction mousepad provides are: 

  1. The plastic which covers the mousepad doesn’t let dirt stick on the mouse pad. This way, your mousepad remains neat and clean.
  1. You can work efficiently with less force if you use a low-friction mousepad.
  1. The low-friction mousepad remains flat all the time. You don’t have to worry about flattening the mousepad.

If you want these facilities, then you can use a low-friction mousepad. Moreover, you don’t have to flatten the mousepad if you use a low-friction mousepad.


Frequently asked questions 

Why should I flatten a mousepad?

Flattening the mousepad makes your mouse easier to move. Also, you won’t feel any obstacles while working with your mousepad. This makes the movement easy and fast while you are working. 

How to reduce bumps in mouse pads?

Just like the way you can flatten your mousepad, in the same way, you can reduce bumps of your mousepad. You can use heat-press, iron, or vacuum heat to reduce the bumps on your mousepad. 

Can I flatten my mousepad at home?

We have shown some ways you can easily follow to flatten your mousepad. You can get all the necessary equipment to flatten your mousepad at home.

Closing words 

Undoubtedly, every computer user faces these common problems with the mouse pad. By following those steps we mentioned above, you can convert the messy mousepad into a perfect flat mousepad. As flattening the mousepad is essential, you can follow those steps.

All the suggestions will help you have a great experience while working or using the mousepad. We hope you will be able to make this information work for you. All the best! 


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