How Much RAM Should I Allocate to Minecraft? Know IT All  


Minecraft is a super enjoyable game that is loved by most young gamers since It gives an incredible chance to roam around the world of imagination. It also offers a wide variety of mods, including Classic Mode and Survival Mode so that you can choose the one you like most. 

However,  Minecraft can take up a certain amount of space in the RAM to work properly. So, if you don’t allocate sufficient space, you will face lots of problems while playing. Again, the needless allocation of RAM to Minecraft can create “spikes” of lag. So, you must know how to perform these initial adjustments. 

So, how much RAM should I allocate to Minecraft? Mostly, you need at least 8 GB RAM to make Minecraft work properly on your computer. The rest depends on the amount of other applications that you might be running on your PC.

In this article, I am going to walk you through everything you need to know for understanding the Storage for the Minecraft game. 

How Much Ram Should I Allocate to Minecraft? 

You may sometimes wonder how much RAM you should keep for your most favorite game. It actually depends on some factors that you must consider before allocating the RAM. However, whether you are using 4 or 8 GB RAM, you can always allocate it to Minecraft according to our following directions.  

If you are not playing with mods, you can allocate 1.5 GB to Minecraft. However, that will be more than the standard requirement of 1 GB. Again, when you are using various types of mods or texture packs, you should share 4-5 GB to Minecraft.  

At the same time, you have to keep other programs closed. Don’t gather mod packs with lots of mods on a computer having only 8 GB RAM. Otherwise, you will face many difficulties while playing the game. 

However, you must avoid unnecessary allocation of RAM so that the Java garbage collector can clean up space quickly. On the contrary, if you allocate too little RAM to Minecraft, your garbage collector will be getting frequent calls for cleaning. And that might be very disturbing for you, especially when you are in the middle of the game. 

The Ways to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft 

I have already mentioned that allotting 4-5 GB RAM is enough for several Minecraft mods. However, if you want to collect mod packs for your game, you will have to exceed this standard amount of RAM allocation. 

Otherwise, you will go through lots of difficulties such as crashes, stuttering, etc which can easily result in the game being unbearable to you. 

So, you must allocate more RAM to the Minecraft game to have a smooth and pleasant experience with it.  

Nothing to worry about. You can easily perform that task in more than a single way. Let’s go over the detailed guidelines to have in-depth knowledge about that.  

Step- 1: Check out Your RAM 

You can take it as preparatory work.

 In this step, you will detect how much RAM your PC holds. It is very easy to find out. 

  • Open your computer. 
  • Find out the Settings icon, which actually looks like a gear.  
  • Select the Settings bar.  
  •  Enter into the About option.  
  • Scroll down Under Device Specifications.  
  • Under Installed RAM, you will get your answer.  

From there, you will know how much RAM your device has. Based on this result, you can decide whether your RAM is enough for allocation or you have to install more RAM. 

Step-2: Allocate the RAM to Minecraft 

You can use three amazing methods to allocate your device RAM to Minecraft. These methods will allow you to complete the whole task very simply and in a time-saving way. Now, we are going to explore those in the following section.  

Allocation from The Default Launcher 

Over the years, the original and default Minecraft Launcher has molded itself to make it more usable for the gamers. Using this feature, you can easily allocate more RAM to your Minecraft.  

Steps to Allocate more RAM from the Default Launcher: 
  • Open up the Minecraft Launcher.  
  • Choose your favorite version between Bedrock or Java.  
  • Select Installations from the tabs on the top.  
  • A list of releases will appear below if you have a fixed up version to play.  
  • If you have not fixed it yet, you may find the most recent version.  
  • If you hover your cursor over it, you will get three white dots on the right side.  
  • Click on these dots and then select the Edit option.  
  • The Edit Installation box will open on the screen.  
  • Click the More Options and scroll down to the JVM Arguments.  
  • Find out the Xmx” any number- 1/2/3″ G from the codes of the JVM Arguments box.  
  • Put a number according to your requirements.  
  • After all the adjustments, click the Save button and launch the game.  
Allocation from the ATLauncher 

You may be familiar with the ATLauncher if you have played in mods or the world famous Sky Factory. You can allot RAM to Minecraft even more easily by using ATLauncher since you don’t have to fix through codes.  

Steps to Allocate more RAM from the ATLauncher: 
  • Open the ATLauncher.  
  • You will find a list of options on the right side of the launcher.  
  • Click the Settings option from the list.  
  • Select the Java or Minecraft tab located on the top of the screen.  
  • A screen will appear before you, having lots of options to choose from. 
  • Here you will find an option, namely Maximum Memory or RAM, in the second row.  
  • You can allocate any amount of RAM by typing a number in Maximum Memory or RAM.  
  • You can also do this task by clicking the up and down arrows, which increase or decrease 0.5 GB for each click. 
  • After selecting a sufficient amount, click the Save button.  
Allocation from the Twitch Launcher

Using the Twitch Launcher is the easiest way to allocate RAM to Minecraft, with a variety of mods. Just you have to go through a different process to complete the setting. 

Steps to Allocate more RAM from the Twitch Launcher:  
  • Open the Twitch Launcher.  
  • Click the mods and enter into Minecraft.  
  • Select the mod pack you want to adjust.  
  • Click the dots on the right-top and go to the Profile Options.  
  • Find the Memory Settings option.  
  • Uncheck the Use System Setting box.  
  • Move the slider to adjust the RAM for the game. The slider will increase or decrease the RAM in 0.25 GB increments.  

Now you are done with the job. If you want to check improvements, launch into your better-performing title. 

Our Recommendation:  

You have already gone through the methods of how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft. Now, you can easily determine which one would be the best option for you. However, we have ranked the Twitch Launcher as the most efficient one.  

Twitch Launcher is worthy of giving you a unique chance to perform the whole task within a short time. Thus, you can save your time, which is very important as a gamer. Besides, you can complete it by following some simple steps. So, try to use this Twitch Launcher for this work. 

Oh, if want a perfect mouse for Minecraft, you can choose one from here.

How Much RAM should I Allocate for My Minecraft Server? 

When you are willing to set up a Minecraft server, you may be unknown to which Minecraft server hosting package would be best for you.  

Actually, there is not a lot of difference between hosting server packages except for the RAM. Different packages offer different amounts of RAM. So, you must calculate how much RAM you need to run all the software properly and to support the connected players. 

The amount of RAM depends on some factors. These are: 

  1. Number of players: The more players you have, the more RAM your server will need. 
  2. World Size: The greater the world is, the more RAM your server will claim. 
  3. Plugins/ mods: You have to increase Your RAM based on the increments of the number of players. 

So, you should select the best Minecraft server hosting that can fulfill your requirements very well. 

Available Plans: 

1 GB: This plan is perfect for a small group of people like family members or close friends. You will get that in small vanilla servers. 

2 GB: If you are going to add some base plugins or mods and increase the number of players, 2GB would be a fantastic plan for you.  

3 GB: It’s the most amazing plan for the servers to have medium-sized mod packs or plugin packs. It can afford 25 mods or plugins at the highest. 

4 GB:  If you want to add 35-40 mods or plugins on your server, this is the best plan for you.  

5-12 GB: This plan is excellent for the servers connecting a big community. Using this plan, you can collect more than 40 mods or plugins.  

16 GB: It is the most powerful plan suitable for a very large community. It can afford a very large community and extreme mod packs or plug packs.  


You just went through a complete suggestion about how much RAM should I allocate to Minecraft. Besides, I hope you got a clear idea about the ways to allocate more RAM to Minecraft. 

Now, you can easily determine the amount your Minecraft requires to give smooth performance and allocate that in a suitable way. Moreover, you can even select the best server package based on our previous directions.  

So, playing games just got more easy and interesting! You know what they say, more RAM, more efficiency!


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