Beginner Guide: Do I Need a Graphics Card in My Computer?

Most people build their pc with a dedicated graphics card for high-end gaming purposes. But since the card isn’t built-in, non-gamers get highly confused about whether they should get an external graphics card or not!

However, that can lead to a question that do I need a graphics card for my pc? Well, it’s possible to run your pc without a dedicated graphics card; but there’s undoubtedly more to that.  If you don’t have a clear idea about all that stuff, you might end up spending too much on a part that you won’t even use in the long run. 

So, to help you with that, let’s discuss everything about integrated and dedicated GPUs and their relation to gaming and other functions.

What is a Graphics Card?

A graphics card is one of the most vital parts of your pc, and you should definitely put emphasis on learning all about it. Nowadays, a graphics card is mostly known for gaming, and many people get confused about if they even need it for their pc if it’s not built for running video games.

Graphics cards actually process the 3-D images, image rasterization, higher pixel ratio, more colors and contrast in the display, and many more things. But if you have the basic idea about it you know that most pc comes with an integrated graphics card. Also, you can add it as an optional part that’s more precise in specs. In the following sections, we’ll talk about it in greater detail.

Types of Graphics Card

There are 2 types of graphics cards available out there, and both have their own unique features and specs. Let’s discuss a few of these down below.

Integrated Graphics Card: An integrated graphics card chipset is typically integrated into the motherboard, and you can find it in most pc available out there. It doesn’t have a lot of features, and it just gets the basic work done.

Dedicated Graphics Card: A dedicated graphics card is an external part that you can attach to your pc for maximum performance and smooth runtime. A pc can run without a dedicated graphics card, but if you are doing stuff that requires high-end video processing, you definitely need a dedicated graphics card. It can process videos with more power for better resolution, quality in pixels, and more color as well.

Do I Need a Graphics Card or Can a PC run without a Graphics Card?

Well, most PC’s come with integrated graphics, which are more than enough to get the basic things done. So, you can definitely run all the basic programs, even some basic backdated games on the pc with this setup. But if you don’t have an integrated graphics card on your pc, then you can turn it on, but the screen will not show anything.

However, if you have to use professional editing software or anything that puts a lot of pressure on the video compartment, it’s crucial that you get a dedicated graphics card for it. It can handle a lot of pressure and keep everything from heating up as well. 

Some of the premium and higher-end models of graphics cards can give you access to many extension ports as well like AGP, HDMI, TV, and multiple monitor connectivity, which might be something that you need for your work. So, the ending is, you can definitely run a pc without a graphics card. (It must have an integrated one anyway)

Uses of Graphics Card Beside Gaming

As you probably know, most people buy these crazy expensive graphics cards such as 3070ti, 3080ti, or any card of that sort mainly for gaming purposes. These are incredibly powerful pieces of hardware that are built to give you the best performance and smooth rendering that you can ask for. But there is definitely great use for a dedicated graphics card besides gaming.

If you are into production, you need a graphics card to support the whole pc hardware. Everything else works together much more efficiently when you use a dedicated graphics card. Also, any type of film making, editing, and photo work require a dedicated graphics card.

However, you should take note that you don’t need to get a monster graphics card such as the 3080ti for editing tasks. It would be a waste of your money. So, if you are not building your pc for gaming purposes, go for a cheaper dedicated GPU. It’ll be more than enough for you to get all of your job done, and will save you from breaking the bank just to overclock your pc with a dedicated GPU that you’ll never even use.

Which Brands Manufactures Best Graphics Cards?

When it comes to dedicated graphics cards, AMD and Nvidia are dominating the market with their top-class pieces of hardware. Both have the reputation of producing the higher end GPUs that you can use on your pc. 

Nvidia has the best range of premium graphics cards, and if your budget is very high, then it’s your best bet. Whereas, AMD produces graphics cards that fall under a wider range. So, if you are on a tight budget, you can go for an AMD graphics card without any doubt.

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting what you need for your pc. When it comes to building your pc,  spending too much is super easy. So, make sure to do some research before you decide to put your money on the table for your dedicated graphics card.


As you asked do I need a graphics card for my pc? you should be pretty clear on this right now. As you saw, you can run your pc with high-quality images and video graphics if it has a good integrated GPU.

However, if you use your pc for professional purposes, it’s always a good idea to overclock it with a dedicated GPU. It’ll definitely make a significant difference in the performance and smoothness of the overall thing.

So, a graphics card can never go in vain! It’s Kind of like an investment. Because you have literally no idea about how many amazing opportunities it can create for you!

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