Can A 4k Monitor Run 1440p? [Difference Between Them]

4k and 1440p are two measurements of a display. The order goes like this- 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4k, and so on. As you can see, 1440p comes in between 1080p and 4k. So, the question is, can the 4k monitor run 1440p?

Because a 4k monitor is higher in resolution than 1440p, it can run 1440p resolution. However, the image clarity and quality will depend on the monitor’s purpose.  

Depending on your activity, you can get a satisfying or blurry image quality. 


Video Resolution And Pixels

You can understand video resolutions more clearly if you get an idea about pixels. How good a video resolution depends on its pixels. Pixels are the smallest image units that make up the whole picture. 

So, as you can guess, the more pixels there are in an image, the clearer and better the image will be. A display’s height and width in pixels are equal to video resolution. 

The table below indicates the pixels of different video resolutions. Take a look to compare them with one another. 

Resolution Type Resolution Name Aspect Ratio Pixels (width X Height)
Standard Definition (SD) 480p 4:3 640 x 480
High Definition (HD) 720p 16:9 1280 x 720
Full HD (FHD) 1080p 16:9 1920 x 1080
Quad HD (QHD) 1440p 16:9 2560 x 1440
Ultra HD (UHD) 4k 17.8:10 3840 x 2160


4k Monitor Run 1440p

Can A 4k Monitor Run 1440p?

If I’m answering the question, “can you run a 4k monitor at 1440p?” with a short and precise answer, then, yes, you can run 1440p on a 4k display. However, there will be some downsides.

Resolutions refer to the image quality. A 4k quality will be comparatively better than a 1440p quality because it has more pixels. The image quality dials down when you run 1440p on a 4k monitor. 

A 1440p monitor will run a 1440p image with more clarity and better quality. The same image will not look as great on a 4k monitor. 

If you’re considering getting a monitor, I recommend you compare your necessities with specific monitor types. For example, a 4k monitor will serve you far better than any lower resolution monitor if you’re a content creator.

I must mention that a 4K monitor needs a high-end GPU to run and costs much more than others. So, if you’re willing to spend that much money, there’s no reason you should run 1440p resolution on a 4k monitor. 

A 4k monitor is all about the details. Any game or video you play on a 4k monitor will show you all the tiny details. The image quality becomes so high that you get the most life-like experience, especially when playing games. 

If you’re getting a 4K monitor, running 1440p on it defeats the purpose. The better thing to do in this situation would be to go for a 1440p monitor, which is comparatively cheap and can offer a better fps rate.  

On the contrary,  can my monitor run 1440p? Yes, 1440p monitors are better for gaming with 1440p resolution. If gaming is a secondary necessity for you, going for a 4k monitor is a wiser choice. The difference between qualities may not be significant, but gamers will surely prefer a 1440p monitor for running 1440p games.

Video Resolution And Pixels

1440p Vs 4k Monitors

Both monitor types come with some advantages and disadvantages. Overall, it depends on your activity which one is better suited for you. 

4k monitors offer you excellent image quality. It’s a perfect choice for gamers who are all about details. If you compare image quality between 1440p and 4k, you’ll notice that the images on a 4k monitor are more life-like. 

There is almost no blurriness, and all the details are very prominent on the screen. That’s the best part about a 4k monitor. 

There are downsides, though. A 4k monitor requires a higher-end GPU that will cost you a lot. A 4k monitor itself is pretty expensive. So, if you’re budget-conscious, a 4k monitor isn’t something you should be considering. 

The frame rate will also decrease if you run games with that much resolution. So, in my opinion, any gamer will choose a higher fps over a better resolution. 

You’ll need at least 60 fps on any monitor to play a game without difficulties. However, achieving 60 fps with 4k resolution requires the best kind of hardware that may cost you a fortune. 

As for 1440p monitors, the resolution is comparatively lower, so naturally, fps rise. Fps is one of the most crucial in monitors, especially for gamers. 

One advantage you get from a 1440p monitor is affordability. They come cheap compared to 4k monitors. 

Gaming On A 4k Monitor

Gaming On A 4k Monitor

The resolution and quality depend a lot on the game you are playing. Sometimes, when you change the game quality from high to medium, the difference isn’t very visible. You can set the resolution to a higher point and enjoy the game. 

In comparison, some games will look terrible when you change the quality. So, you can set the resolution to a bit lower for those games and set the quality to high or ultra. 

You’ll have to figure out which one requires which ones before settling into your game. Fortunately, it’s okay to run 1440p on a 4k monitor. You won’t face much of an issue while doing so. 

4k is the best resolution for gaming only if you get the best GPU to run the resolution with a high fps rate. Image quality and detailing is certainly essential. However, if the fps rate isn’t satisfactory, you won’t be able to play the game with expected smoothness. 

So, to sum up, you need to ensure you’ve got everything you need if you wish to run a 4k monitor with 4k resolution at its best. If the result isn’t the most efficient, nothing stops you from getting a cheaper monitor.  

The cost of a 4k monitor and relevant parts may soon dial to an affordable range. But as of now, getting a 1440p monitor for 1440p resolution is not staying behind the tech race; it’s smartness. 

So, if you asked the question because you’re about to buy a new 4k monitor, consider other affordable options to suit your needs better. However, if you’re buying a monitor for other purposes and running 1440p is not a permanent thing you’ll be doing, you can go for a 4k monitor


The reason this whole debate is taking place is the scaling. 1440p comes with a fragmented scaling that’s different from 4k or 1080p. In simpler words, you can’t divide the pixels of 1440p evenly on a 4k monitor.

That’s why there’ll be some noticeable downside if you downscale on a 4k monitor. However, it’s entirely useable. It comes down to your priorities. 

Is ‘useable’ good enough for your gaming? Can you adjust with rough edges of texts? If you can, there’s no reason for you not to use 1440p on a 4k monitor. But, as I have mentioned before, scaling down defeats the purpose of running a 4k monitor. 

So, if you wish to run games on 1440p resolution, it’s better to use a native 1440p monitor to prevent messing with the scaling. 



Ways To Make The Monitors That Can Downscale 4k To 1440p

Users should look at their screen specifications and attempt to find the number of pixels per inch (PPI) or the number of pixels per square inch (PSI), which should be higher on 1440p displays than on downscaled 4K monitors.

It’s easy to confirm this by glancing at a piece of text at its regular size. It’s preferable to contact the manufacturer if the display seems fuzzy or grainy since this indicates that it may not be native 1440p.

For gamers, 1440p monitors with high refresh rates are commonly purchased to have the best of both worlds. Customers aren’t receiving what they paid for when a downscaled 4K display is tucked within a 4K TV.

Can I Watch 4K On A 2K Monitor?

Is it possible to view 4K movies on display with a 2K resolution? Your computer or laptop’s graphics processing unit (GPU) generates the video resolution like any other.

In other words, if the video is in 4K quality, you’ll get a 4K video signal from your PC if you’ve adjusted the resolution to 4K on sites like YouTube. Your display device will pick up this 4K video signal and play it back no matter what.

However, the video quality you see on your screen is determined by the maximum resolution of your display device.

What Is 1440p resolution

Frequently Asked Question

Can A 1440p Monitor Display 4k?

If the monitor you’re watching is higher than this, it will affect the pixel density of your display. This means that the maximum resolution for a 4K picture will be 1440p, while the maximum resolution for an 8K image will be 1080p, eliminating 360 pixels and hence 360 pixels’ worth of information.

Yes. 4K at 1440p means more than one media pixel for each display pixel when using this resolution.

Can I Play 1440p On A 4k Monitor?

To put it another way, 1440p on a 4K screen will be much fuzzier than on a native 1440p screen. With a higher resolution, it becomes less noticeable.

If you want to read fine writing, this isn’t the best option, but it shouldn’t be a problem for video games. Playing 1080p on a 1440p screen is a little pixelated.

Is 1440p 4k?

Although there is no difference between 4k and 1440p in terms of quality, 1440p is a significantly better gaming experience because of its superior resolution. Over a hundred FPS at 1440p, an already excellent resolution, and more than 60 FPS at 4k are practically sure to be preferred by all users.

What Is the 1440p resolution?

The 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution of a 1440p monitor is sometimes known as QHD (quad high definition) or WQHD (wide quad high definition). The term “2K” refers to this resolution.

Its high-quality images and stunning image resolutions on mobile phones and PCs make it a favorite.

Does 1440p look bad on a 4k monitor? 

If you compare two monitors, 1440p will look much better on a native 1440p than on a 4k monitor.  So, it comes down to the user’s choice. If you are using 4k resolution for the most part and run 1440p occasionally, this shouldn’t bother you.

However, if you intend to use 1440p resolution on a 4k monitor permanently, I recommend using a 1440p monitor for better image quality, FPS and refresh rate.

Why does 1440p look blurry on a 4k monitor?

It’s because of the scaling. 1080p is proportional to a 4k monitor, so the pixels can be easily scaled. However, there’s no way to proportionally scale the pixels from 1440p to a 4k monitor, resulting in a blurry image.

Does 1440p look bad on a 4k monitor

Can really the 4k monitor run 1440p?

Yes, it can. However, there might be some blurriness. You can get a better result when you run 1440p on a 1440p monitor. But, it’s entirely possible to scale down 4k to 1440p. 

Do I need the monitor stand?

It’s totally up to you. If you want to keep your monitor on the monitor stand, you can. Otherwise, you don’t need the stand because every monitor comes with the monitor stand. But if you have many monitors, you can use the triple monitor stand.

Finally, Can You Play 1440p On A 4k Monitor?

So, can a 4k monitor run 1440p? the answer is simple, it can. But the question is, can it run 1440p the way you want? 

If you haven’t bought a monitor yet, I recommend you rethink your decision. Is getting a 4k monitor worth it? If you’re going to dial down the resolution, why are you buying a 4k monitor in the first place? 

Going for a lower resolution monitor will save you a lot of money. You’ll need to run 4k resolution on the monitor and the other powerful parts. However, if it’s something you want, try running 4k resolution on a 4k monitor to get the best out of it.


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