Asus Vs MSI Motherboards- An In-depth Comparison of 2021

The term “Motherboards” best expresses how important they’re for any PC. They ensure the optimum performance of the PCs and their all other components, working as the mother or foundation part. Essentially, they improve smooth interaction between all internal components as well as better yet their functionality and overclocking.

After going through the complete comparison between Asus vs MSI motherboards, it will be so easy for you to pick the suitable one.  For a long period, MSI and Asus have captured a reasonable portion of the market with its best quality products and services. But there are notable differences between them that express their uniqueness compared to the others.

To help you in that case, we have roughly reviewed two of the leading motherboard manufacturers- Asus and MSI.

Asus Vs MSI Motherboards

If you are willing to build a high performing PC, you will need to install quality motherboards in your system. But, just because there are lots of motherboard manufacturing companies all around, you may get confused while making the purchase decision.

Now, let us review a competitive description of these two brands to explore the best one. 

MSI Motherboards

Taiwan-based MSI Co. Ltd., being one of the influential manufacturers of quality motherboards,  is serving the global market for more than three decades. However, it is not restricted to producing motherboards only. Rather, it has diversified its product categories with other computer hardware, graphic cards, All-in-One PCs, servers, industrial computers,  PC peripherals, car infotainment products, and so on.

If you highlight its motherboard category,  you will see that it has a large range of motherboards with different sizes and price levels. So, you can easily get your intended MSI motherboard within your budget. You won’t even need to compromise with the performance level as MSI always tries to keep its line-up pretty strong from top to bottom. 

Besides, it offers several high-end alternatives for those users who have specific needs such as overclocking the device.

However, some of its models like MSI-B450-Tomahawk create disruptions if you go to update the BIOS. So, you have to be somehow careful while selecting the correct MSI boards. 


  • Buyer-friendly price assortments. 
  • Availability in different sizes. 
  • Offers some pro motherboards. 
  • Strong RGB software. 


  • Complexity in updating BIOS.

Here are some of the MSI motherboards that have caught our attention:

MSIZ390-A Pro:

This high-level motherboard supports dual-channel DDR4RAM with up to 4400 MHz. It supports the Windows 10 64-digit operating system where you get a USB Gen 2 regulator for faster USB speed. Without a doubt, you can introduce the framework and run it. In a word, it is the main layout motherboard that supports the 8th and 9th generation of Intel processors.

MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge:

We’re crushed by the MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge motherboard for its amazing touches and stylish mix of shading that can be adjusted. On top, it ensures you the best view, which ensures your PC case stays great in every perspective with better offices and looks. Generally, the ASUS brand accompanies motherboard models in various shade mixes and includes that ensure you get adaptable alternatives to choose from. They ensure your PC improves shading assortments. However, the ASUS brand needs visual effects if contrasting and others.

MSI Performance Gaming AMD Ryzen:

It upholds MD third information processor, and also the DDR4 memory with sound boost innovation here offers the intense presentation highlight in any errand. The propeller fan leading edge arrangement and the twofold metal roller create a good chipset with a good cost.

Asus Motherboards

Asus is one of the pioneering manufacturers of the motherboard industry that has an innovative research & development team. This highly qualified R&D team is continuously adding value to the innovation or up-gradation of the motherboard models in terms of overclockability, stability, and power efficiency.

Its boards are quite ahead of other brands because of their strong VRM modules. Likewise MSI, Asus also offers a wide collection of high-performative boards at an all-going price range. But unlike MSI, it doesn’t prefer the RGB craze in all of its motherboards. Rather, most of its boards maintain a subtler overall design which dictates its distinction from MSI.

Recently, Asus has replaced the BIOS of its motherboards with high-end UEFI that gives the users an even better experience, ensuring easy control and exceptional interface.  


  • Top-notch performance. 
  • Availability in different forms and prices. 
  • Provides best quality UEFI. 
  • Offers an assortment of top-class performance and RGB craze. 


  • A bit expensive for some pro models.

Now, let’s have some look over the comparison between Asus vs MSI motherboards in terms of performance, operating system, RAM support, UEFI, color combination, price rate, and warranty benefits.

Some of the ASUS motherboards you can check out:

Asus Z490:

Extract the tremendous execution of your game with the Asus LGA 1200 motherboard. The strong force associated with a reasonable air cooling plan module makes it best for your smooth gaming. The breathtaking sound for games with high overclocking capacity on stage makes it recommended.

Asus Strix390:

Strix 390 highlights the soundness in overclocking with DRAM that acquires and improves your illustrations. Windows ten O/S sixty-four cycles upheld this motherboard enhance the general C.P.U. with a dynamic vogue cooling framework. You will have the long-lasting computer fabricate ever with this Asus motherboard.

Asus Maximus:

Generally, the ASUS complete motherboards are worked to provide efficient overclocks and sensible cooling for extreme undertakings. They on high guarantee your computer gets faster and dynamic central processing unit access with no hitch of mistakes once running applications in serious burdens to cut bottleneck or slack.

The Differentiation of Performance- Asus Vs MSI Motherboards

The first thing that people think of while buying any motherboard is its performance level. But how to define which brand would be most performative? Actually, it’s defined by the stability of motherboards during overclocking.

In this category, Asus motherboards stand out from any other brands in the market because they ensure incredible stability while overclocking. Their APEX motherboards give wonderful support to the activities of CUP when we extend the CPUs speed to its highest peak.  Anyways, we can’t neglect the performance of MSI motherboards here. Because they are also trying their best to increase user experiences. Their high-end models leave no question in terms of performance. But you have to spend a bit more to get this for your PC.

From this viewpoint,  Asus motherboards would be the winning option for pro gamers and other extensive users at a reasonable cost. 

Final Words:

If you are wanting to build an excellent foundation for your PC, you must keep Asus in the front line.

Differences in Operating System- Asus vs MSI Motherboards

The operating system is an essential element of the computers that manage all the resources such as processors, memory, disk drives, printers, and so on. In fact, it creates a user interface and helps in running other applications on the computer.

But if you get a motherboard that doesn’t support your operating system, you will face lots of problems while operating the PC. You may experience less flow of work and be uncomfortable when handling the commands and applications. So, you have to be a bit conscious to choose the motherboard.

However, Asus motherboards support the Windows operating system that most computers are using in recent years. Hence, you can get easy and faster work experiences when doing multitasking and other high-resolution tasks. The same thing happens to MSI motherboards as they are also made to support Windows 10 operating systems. But they are a little bit inefficient in managing productive tasks.

So, quite simply, Asus motherboards again wined the race of productivity. 

Final Words:

If you are eager to get an all-rounder motherboard to support most operating systems, you may blindly go for the ASUS Prime Z490-A ATX Motherboard. 

Deviation of RAM Supported by  Asus Vs MSI Motherboards

Another essential factor to consider before getting any motherboard is the amount of RAM it exactly supports. If you install a motherboard having a great allowance for memory insertion, you will be able to avoid the fitting issue or other struggles.

Asus motherboards are one step ahead of MSI boards in the case as well. Because, on average, most of the Asus boards support up to 128dual-channel DDR4 memory at a clock speed of 4400 MHz to 4800 MHz.  In contrast, MSI boards support up to 64 GB DDR4 type memory at 4133 MHz to 4300 MHz clock speed.

You have already seen how Ais are standing out in the measurements of both RAM Support and clock speed. Now,  you can easily understand which brand should be preferable for your PC. 

Final Words:

For getting top-class RAM Support capacity, don’t forget to consider the ASUS ROG Strix X570-F Gaming ATX Motherboard. 

Variation in UEFI- Asus Vs MSI Motherboards

UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), being a replacement of BIOS in motherboards, provides the users with an excellent interface and complete control over the PC.  As a result, you will go through a smoother experience while operating your PC.

However, in terms of UEFI, Asus again stands at the apex between these two brands. You will get a top-class interface and amazing control over everything on the PC using these Asus motherboards. MSI motherboards are somehow backward in this case. So, you should consider this point while making the buying decision. 

Color Combination of Asus vs MSI Motherboards

In recent years, almost all professional or hobbyist gamers love to create aestheticism on their PC. Only a perfect color combination can give such an aesthetic look. However, both Asus and MSI motherboards are preferable in terms of color combination features. Both of them have developed a wide range of color options so that users can make dazzling color combinations on their PC.

However, if we make launch observations, MSI motherboards are a little bit ahead of Asus in the area of aestheticism. Furthermore, these boards ensure uninterrupted airflow and adequate space. 

The flexibility of Price Rate-Asus Vs MSI Motherboards 

Price serves as the game-changing factor while making any long-lasting investment like motherboards. So, you must compare the price of brands before choosing any board for your PC. However, your purpose is also an important consideration in this case.

Because if you have special needs,  you would need to go for a high-end motherboard for your PC that will be a bit expensive. But MSI motherboards can meet most of the average needs at a pretty lower cost.

So, if you have a small budget for motherboards, you can definitely go for any MSI motherboard.

Deviation of Warranty Period-Asus Vs MSI Motherboards

There is no doubt that Asus motherboards are the best option in the areas of warranty as they come up with a service agreement of three years whereas MSI only gives one year warranty. So, you must think of it before having any of the two brands. 

Final Thoughts

You just went through a complete comparison of Asus vs MSI motherboards. You noticed in which areas Asus stands out from MSI as well as the strong side of MSI motherboards. 

Now, it’s up to you which brands you are going to select based on your requirements. However, don’t intend to prefer quality over price or any other things.

And whichever you choose, make sure that’s totally capable of handling the task you will assigning it with.

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