1ms vs 4ms: Learn Briefly AboutThe Main Differences


Monitor response time is kind of a headache to the people who play the game often or have to do high graphical work on the PC. Even if they reach a conclusion about which one to choose, the price makes them think about it again.

You should know that the monitor response time is a really important thing when you are buying a new monitor for your computer. And depending on the type of work you will be doing; you should choose the one that is capable of handling your tasks.

So, 1ms vs 4ms can be a tough thing to decide. But once you understand the features and differences, it will be easier for you to decide. Generally, when you are playing games or doing heavy works, 1ms will be the better option for you. But if you are going with something budget-friendly, 4ms might be better for you.

In this article, I am going to give you a detailed idea about what this monitor response time is and discuss the general differences between the 1ms and 4ms time.

What Is A Monitor’s Response Time?

Your monitor’s response time is an important thing when you are playing a really competitive online game. So, whenever you are buying a new monitor for online gaming or other stuff, make sure to check this technical specification beforehand.

The response time means the time your monitor usually takes to change the display color from one thing to another. This time can have a range of 10 milliseconds (10ms) to 1 millisecond (1ms), and the 1ms is the fastest in this.

You must have understood that the lower the response time is, the better. A monitor with a lower response time will fix a lot of your problems, including image issues like blurring or ghosting.  

1ms vs 4ms Response Time

Now that you know exactly what the response time is, you must have guessed that there are significant differences in the times from 10 ms to 1ms. Now, if you are a competitive gamer and play high graphics games all the time, you might prefer lower response time and, in this case, 1ms. However, since 1ms and 4ms are the most common response times used, you can also find some people who prefer to use the 4ms.

Since there is a lot of debate on the topic of which one of these is better than the other, I am going to talk about some general differences between these two response times.

Image Fixation on Monitor:

When it comes to image issues like ghosting or blurring, 1ms has proved to be better than the 4ms time. You will not only get a better viewing experience but also be able to solve the problems quickly. So, when it comes to image problems, 1ms wins.


Generally, a 1ms response time comes with the TN panel, which is less expensive than others. On the other hand, 4ms includes IPS panels, much expensive than the TN ones. Now, generally, IPS will give a better performance. Since 1ms is also compatible with the IPS panel, you can choose either of them depending on your budget.

So, 1ms with an IPS panel will be costlier than 4ms. But 1ms response times that include TN panel will be cheaper than the 4ms ones.

Better Gameplay:

Lower refresh rates will generally give you a lot of benefits when you are linking to the gameplay. Though 4ms is not very high, it’s still not that significant when you are trying something in the gameplay. So, it’s better if you choose the 1ms response time for this.

Graphics Change:

Most online games are made with high-quality graphics, and their animations change quite frequently when you are trying to play one. Now, 1ms and 4ms both are a kind of lower response time, and both will work excellently in this regard.

However, 1ms will allow you to catch the scenes faster as well as move in your games easily. So, in short, you can use both of these times, but 1ms is recommended.


Most people get confused with the fact about whether to use a 1ms response time or 4ms response time since both of them are regarded as lower response times. Hence, 1ms vs 4ms can be quite confusing.

You should know that both of these response times are great for your gaming and other works. But it’s hard when you try to compare the two best, right? Anyway, I shared everything I experienced with you guys in this article.

I sincerely hope that this article helped you to know everything you were looking for and you could decide successfully which of these monitor response times to buy or use.

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